Keep Your Car in Good Repair with Regular Servicing


If you do not keep your car well maintained, life can get rather rough. Not only do you have to spend more money for repairs but you also lower the element of safety. So, it pays to have your car regularly serviced to ensure that your vehicle operates as it should and that you remain safe. Otherwise, you will need to prepare yourself to face a number of headaches and difficulties.

What to Expect From Servicing and an Inspection

When you have your vehicle serviced, make sure that it includes a 50-point industry standard servicing schedule which ensures that your vehicle will receive a thorough assessment and examination. The schedule should feature a pre-engine checklist, raised vehicle services, an under-the-bonnet assessment, vehicle lowered maintenance, and final a check.

Examples of Pre-Engine Checks

When mechanics provide Middlesex garage services in this manner, you can be assured that your vehicle will get the type of assessment that will assist you in keeping it operational, safe, and well-maintained. For example, pre-engine checks include some of the following reviews:

  • Check the car’s history
  • Checking the timing belt replacement interval
  • Check for damage to the lamps, trims, or body work
  • Fit protective covers
  • Check the operation or condition of the seat belts
  • Check the operation for the exterior and interior lights
  • Check the air conditioning
  • Check the operation of the airbag warning lights and ABS
  • Lubricate the door hinges, bonnet catches, and hinges

Some of the Final Checks

The above is just a sampling of what takes place during the pre-engine check. So, an entire service and inspection is quite extensive. For example, finishing up the service and inspection also includes carrying out a diagnostic assessment. In addition, the mechanic performs a road test and reports any findings. The upholstery, steering wheel, and gear lever are also checked for cleanliness.

Needless to say, this type of service is one that is well worth the investment. If you have not had your care serviced in a while, then today, not later, is the time to schedule an appointment.

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