Why You Should Have A Volkswagen Beetle?


Beetle is without a shadow of a doubt one of the top cars to have come out of the Volkswagen stable. It is one car that you can get quite easily from your Volkswagen Dealer Monterey. The car itself is known for its superb construction, and the safety features that are wonderful to say the least. It is not that Beetle is the only good model that Volkswagen has. There are so many other good models of this car maker as well. However, there is something special about Beetle. It could be said that Beetle has what you want from your car.

Safety features

It has been said already that as far as safety features are concerned Beetle ranks right up there with the very best. Volkswagen is forever improving the safety features in its cars. In fact, it is constantly improving other areas of its cars as well. Beetle has steel reinforcements in its doors, daytime running lights, and door reflectors to name a few. All these features have made Beetle so safe as a car in the first place. This is also one major reason as to why so many people prefer to use a Beetle as their car.

Affordability in terms of price

When you consider the economic conditions nowadays this is a major benefit to have in any stretch of the imagination. Buying a Beetle from a Monterey Volkswagen dealer will never cost you much. The retail prices of this car are in the range of 18,000 dollars. However, always feel free to check the latest price out there. Thus, as you can see, you are getting a lot of features for very little price.

When you compare Beetle to the other kinds of cars – in terms of models and makes – that are being sold on sale, Beetle is on any given day a much better option. If you buy this car on loan your estimated monthly installments (EMIs) would come to somewhere around a hundred dollars. For most people out there this is quite an okay price.


This is also an important factor for many people who own cars out there. Beetle gives you a decent amount of mileage for each gallon of gas. Gasoline prices are always shooting up and it is hard to imagine anyone who would not want this benefit in their cars. In the cities you would get 20 miles per gallon (MPG) and in the highways this would go up to 28 MPG.

No one really knows when gasoline prices would ever come down. This way, your fuel cost in a year – provided you are an average and regular driver – would come to somewhere around 2000 dollars. However, when you compare Beetle with other cars that are of this size or even bigger – such as the sports utility vehicles (SUVs) – this is a good figure indeed. Beetle is also one car that has a sunroof that is so handy in these harsh summers and even during times of precipitation as well. It is normally there in SE models as well as S models.


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