Keep Your Engine Tuned for Top Performance


When was the last time you had your engine tuned? If you do not want your engine to stop running, engine tuning is an important service to take advantage of. When you have engine tuning employed, you can also have the other parts of your vehicle checked at the same time.

Some of the Parts That May Need to Be Replaced

Tuning also involves testing the ignition system and emission controls, all of which can lead to better gas mileage and improved performance. Some of the parts that may need to be replaced during the service include the air filter, distributor cap, or spark plugs.

Better Power and Fuel Efficiency

Because parts tend to loosen and shift over time, car engine tuning in Northamptonshire makes it possible for you to put them back into their proper positions. For example, the mechanic will refasten the cylinder head bolt on the engine as well as adjust the carburettor speed and valve train. When these small modifications are made, you will realise better power and fuel efficiency.

An Annual Check-up

If you have not had engine tuning performed on your car and it is over two years old, you need to schedule an appointment. When you have this type of service employed, it is like visiting a doctor: the mechanic or doctor checks to see what is wrong and then makes a diagnosis.

Reduce the Costs of Car Repair

This type of car inspection and servicing is an investment in your family’s safety on the road. If you want to retain the power and performance of your vehicle, you cannot put this type of service on the back burner. Paying for this servicing is certainly less expensive than having your car repaired when a breakdown occurs.

When you choose a repair shop that specialises in this type of service, you can rest assured that the work will be done right. If you are planning a road trip in the near future or you use your car for going to work or picking up children from school, don’t put off making an appointment for tuning your car—keep yourself and your family safe whilst travelling the motorways.

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