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A headlamp is a light attached to the front of a vehicle to brighten the road ahead. Headlamps are also often called headlights, but in more precise use, a headlamp is a term for a device and a headlight is a term for the beam of light produced and distributed by a device. It can be used for Reading at Night, Working on Cars, Outdoor Cooking, Fishing, Trail Running, etc.

Knog is an Australian design business founded in 2002 and their products shine and illuminate the world. Their house is in Melbourne, but they have flown all over the world. It develops innovative products that encourage people to explore the best exteriors on foot or two wheels. It has developed innovative products that help us to see, hear, and helps to illuminate the dark paths in the city, on the road, and in the wilderness.

At Knog they celebrate diversity in all its glorious forms with a team coming from all over the world with an abundance of different skills and experiences. Being obsessed with making the best products possible is our collectively shared value that keeps us together. This site helps to buy headlamps online.

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Types of Headlamps

Quokka Headlamp: Quokka is different from any other headlamp because it has a USB rechargeable silicone headlamp, streamlined without the “boredom” of endless batteries and conventional headlamps. It is a small, lightweight, and multi-purpose headlamp.

Bandicoot Headlamp: The Knog Bandicoot is an adjustable silicone headband with a battery that can be recharged and an array of lights. It is streamlined without the “boredom” of endless batteries and conventional headlamps. It is a multi-purpose headlamp which can be used for camping, trail running, hiking, climbing, fishing, and reading. It is mostly a silicone band and is available in Black, Indigo, Khaki, Orange, or Red in colors.

Bilby Headlamp: The Bilby produces an intense output of 400-luminance and delivers over 5 hours of full power and more than 105 hours at a very low setting. It is lightweight, dustproof, waterproof, and internally designed from medical-grade silicone. It fits in the most demanding situations for the most serious outdoor enthusiasts. The 5 LEDs in this headlamp are optimized for their personal purposes – a high beam, 2 elliptical beams for medium and wide beam angles, a red light for night light purposes, and under lights for reading. There are four brightness settings in each mode and at the bright setting, it can be up to 100 meters.

PWR Head torch: This head torch delivers a powerful 1000 lumens straight out from the PWR header box. The header box gives the user the ability to upgrade the power to 2000 lumens by changing the light-head and can be fitted to any modular light-head from the PWR range. It mainly consists of a small PWR bank to provide power to the head torch.

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