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With growth, comes competition. Competition happens to be a must in every market, and the only way to beat it is to up your own game. In this sense, that would mean taking up all different kinds of techniques to make your fleet management system the best of the best. Not only that, it would mean that you would have to use the fleet management software you have very efficiently, and we’re here to help.

In this article, we provide you with some of these tips, implementation of which will surely better your business, help reduce your costs, and keep you steps ahead from your competitors.

Tip #1: Value your Customer

The value that your customer brings in makes your business a business. And to keep your customer base substantial, along with keeping them happy, can sometimes prove to be a very tough job. But you need to remember, that if your service is not up to the mark, the customer is sure to leave you at some point in time, and start looking for a better partner.

To keep the customer satisfied, we recommend:

  • Timely deliveries
  • Having your own customer service and requisition
  • Keeping up with what your customer wants from you
  • Updating your business features to suit customer needs
  • Taking customer feedback very seriously
  • Keeping track of the conversations and instructions given by the customer during certain deliveries.

All of the above stated tips will ensure that your customer stays happy, and more importantly, stays with you as a business partner for the long run. Do keep in mind that not everybody wants to break business bonds, but your business cannot (and should not) rely on that, because nobody likes to tolerate lousy work. And remember, customer knows best!

Tip #2: Pricing And Convenience

This is the part where many companies lose their customers. If you keep increasing your pricing rapidly with every change in your own logistics, your customer is bound to leave sooner or later. Instead, try setting pricing during the start of the financial year, along with subtle increments that seem viable in nature.

In fact, you can also keep track of forecast of logistics such as fuel price, etc during your budgeting. A fickle pricing is not everyone’s cup of tea, however understanding they may be of the inflation.

Next, comes up convenience. Although in previous years, customers wanted quality more than convenience (which still holds true for many), nowadays people also factor in their convenience in doing business with you. You have to cater your fleet management solutions in accordance to the needs of your customers.

And in saying that, whether it be significant or insignificant, your consumer’s feedback is the most important asset to growing your business. If five of your customers have the same problem, you maybe should look into how you could solve the problem, which would lead you to having five customers who know you value their opinion, and are more likely to stay with you.

Tip #3: Reduce Employee Risk Using Fleet Management Software

Employers are responsible for ensuring the safety of their employees for all jobs. When you use fleet management solutions to track your drivers’ tendencies, you can get to know what could potentially put them in trouble during a trip of theirs. The problems picked up by many fleet management systems range from over speeding to hard braking and rapid acceleration, which may harm them in the longer run, when they become a bit careless.

Not only this, your vehicle insurance will be well taken care of by the system itself so you have completely hassle free claims in times of trouble and have to deal with no external members who don’t understand your situations.

When you get the insider information on the areas where your driver becomes a bit careless, you could use this information in turn to provide them with proper training, so as to prevent any disasters from taking place, which in the end benefits your business. At the same time, you could be saving your money and lives through just tracking alerts that you get on your fleet management software.

Tip #4: Taking Responsibility and Generating Accountability

More often than not, employers do adopt fleet management solutions, but don’t take any action on the data that is provided to them by the same solutions that they’re paying for.

If you find an employee tampering or trying to tamper with pre-made reports, hold them accountable. If you find a driver stealing fuel or vehicle parts, hold them accountable. Do make it clear amongst your employees that everybody will be held accountable for their work, and execute the same.

There’s no point if you implemented a fleet management system in your business to find out who is stealing your fuel if you do not take any action against their wrongdoing. The software is to help you out, but you need to enforce the consequences yourself..

Tip #5: Enhance Time Management
This made it to the list, because many employers after adopting various fleet management solutions forget that they have a role to oversee the entire operations and data that is provided. Yes, the fleet management software is to make your life a bit simpler, but even it needs to be looked after.

Frequent updates, keeping track of new technology and its implementation in your system is a really huge task, and you’re the one responsible for the system that holds huge responsibility of the vehicles.

A fleet management system is not something you install, and leave it be. You have to use the reports for bettering your company. It is basically like someone giving you statistics (like fuel amount being used) and you have to find ways to manipulate these statistics for the betterment of your company. This is an investment which has to be looked after, to some extent.

Looking for a sure way to implement these tips? Look no further with LocoNav!

LocoNav’s fleet management solutions come with a host of advantages, each of which can enable you to make use of a streamlined software in an efficient and productive manner. Following these tips, with the help of LocoNav, will help your business grow, and will surely give you a competitive edge over your opponents in the market.

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