Mercedes S-Class – Luxury that Defines Class


This is one of the premium models of Mercedes and therefore, gets all the goodies ahead of other models that Mercedes has in its stable. However, recently, the newly launched E class model got some new and exciting technologies that the current S class Mercedes does not have. And it is reported that they will soon make their way to the upcoming S-class model in 2017. These new technologies like ‘Drive pilot semi-autonomous tech, new 12.3 inches dashboard display, multi-beam LED matrix headlight technology and gesture control system to give you more flexibility while driving the car through heavy traffic.

Driving a car like Mercedes S class gives you several comfort features that few other premium cars can provide. The first thing that comes to your mind as you enter its spacious body is the amount of space each rider has to travel without jostling for space with his neighbour. All of them have adequate leg space to stretch their legs during a long journey. The comfort level of this car is among the best in this price range. The leather covered ventilated seats are wide and adequately cushioned. They can also be electrically adjusted for height and tilt. The seats in this car also feature heating and cooling function along with a massaging feature to keep you relaxed throughout your long journey in this fantastically built car.

Adjustable head and armrests allow the travellers to lie snugly in this comfortable cabin and watch the world go past your window. If you are looking for a used Mercedes S class in Delhi, then you have a wide range of choices in front of you. This city has the biggest range of second-hand premium sedan class cars in the inventory of its used car dealers. If you are planning on buying a pre-owned car, then look around the market for a well-maintained car that is available at an attractive price packet.

If you are driving a used Mercedes car in Delhi, then don’t worry about the traffic. The inbuilt intelligent virtual cockpit assistant will guide you safely through the madcap traffic situation of this city. This new revolution in driver’s assistance has several elements in it including Distronic Plus, Lane keeping assist, Active blind spot assist, Collision prevention assist plus and Pre-safe. All these features allow the driver a greater margin of safety and easier driving experience.

If you have used a Mercedes S class in Delhi, you would be amazed by the multi-beam LED matrix headlight technology it incorporates. This system uses multiple LED light sources that with embedded sensors prevent dazzling oncoming car drivers at the same time providing adequate lighting of the road ahead. There are also reports that suggest that the new Mercedes-Benz S-class will get the drive pilot autonomous tech that allows the car to drive without any input from the driver for around 60 seconds. In this 1 minute, it can change lanes and also stops itself if the driver is unresponsive. This is very important in the case of a medical emergency. All these high techs make this car one of the safest drives on the road.

Mercedes S class also uses newer technologies to provide the riders with amazing riding experience. Its powerful climate controller along with air filter allows you to ride without feeling the terrible Indian heat. The high tech music system with several speakers playing your favourite track ensures that your ride is never boring. The panoramic roof that can be opened electrically along with ambient lighting system improves the mood inside the cabin immensely. All these features tell how much importance Mercedes gives to the needs of its customers and how far it is willing to go in fulfilling them.

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