Motorcycle Accidents With Pedestrians


If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident with a pedestrian, you may be able to sue the cyclist or their employer. Pedestrians are a prime target for lawsuits, as they’re often distracted by texting or reading. If, on the other hand, a pedestrian steps into a pothole, you may not have much of a claim. In these situations, you may want to call 9-1-1 as soon as possible.

Bicyclists may sue their employer for motorcycle accidents

There are several possible scenarios in which a bike messenger may be held liable for a collision involving a pedestrian. A bicyclist might be working for a parcel delivery service, restaurant, or food delivery business, and have been hit by a car. In these situations, the cyclist could file a workers compensation claim against their employer. The bicyclist’s injuries and losses may be severe, and the case could end up in court.

First, it’s important to seek medical treatment immediately after the accident. In some cases, injuries are not immediately apparent, and it may be difficult to determine their severity. It’s also important to collect as much information as possible to support a claim. In addition to contacting the injured party, cyclists should also gather contact information of witnesses. They should also collect photographs and witness statements of the incident to provide evidence to their lawyer.

Pedestrians are distracted by reading or texting

The distraction caused by the smartphone has led to several pedestrian accidents. These crashes have resulted in more pedestrians being injured and being transported to hospitals. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, nearly 6,000 pedestrian deaths occurred in 2016. This is the highest number in twenty years, and distracted drivers are the leading cause. However, there are other causes of pedestrian accidents.

Where do pedestrians get hit the most? While crossing the street and being distracted.

A distracted pedestrian may be walking while concentrating on a text message. This distracted behavior can present various problems for drivers, such as swerving into the path of traffic. Another example is when a distracted pedestrian walks in front of a moving car, causing a collision between the two vehicles. A distracted pedestrian may also be talking on the cell phone while driving. Depending on how many vehicles are involved, the damage will vary.

Pedestrians step into a pothole

Pedestrian accidents often involve a vehicle striking a pedestrian. Whether the pedestrian was in a crosswalk or crossing against the light, they always have the right of way, so drivers should always be aware of their surroundings and slow down when approaching a pedestrian. Pedestrians can sustain serious injuries from simply stepping into a pothole. In some cases, pedestrians are killed in these traffic accidents.

A pothole may be a serious hazard for both motorcycle drivers and pedestrians. During the rain, potholes may fill up with water, making them nearly invisible. The water may even discolor the sidewalk, limiting pedestrian access. It is important to avoid walking through these areas if possible. Potholes are dangerous, and the pedestrian could sustain serious injuries if they step into one.

Pedestrians may be barred from filing a lawsuit if they were jaywalking

Even if you were jaywalking when you were hit by a motorcycle, you may still have a case. In most motorcycle accidents, the pedestrian who was jaywalking was at fault for the accident. However, there are some circumstances when the pedestrian was partially at fault. For example, if you were distracted or drunk at the time of the accident, you may have been at fault for the motorcycle driver’s negligence.

As a pedestrian, you may not have the right to file a lawsuit if you were jaywalking during a motorcycle accident. Nonetheless, if you were injured, you can still file a lawsuit. By filing a lawsuit, you will have a stronger position in negotiations with the motorcycle driver. This will give you a better position to file a lawsuit and get the compensation you deserve.

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