Motorcycle Training – What to Expect


Proper motorcycle training is essential, regardless of where you live in the world, and to become one of the millions of bike riders, you need to be safe, confident and of course have a riding licence. Below, you can get some idea of what it’s like to prepare for your bike training if you live in the UK.

CBT or Compulsory Basic Training

Taking and passing this test is something you will need to do if you want to legally ride a motorbike or even a moped on the UK’s roads. If you are a novice rider, this training will help you to become a safe rider by teaching you all the skills you’ll need on the road. You’ll have to take each of the five different sections of the training in order, before proceeding to the next section. An introduction, learning the controls of the bike, off road riding, road briefing and safety overview, and practical on the road training are the five sections of the training. Here’s some more information on each of these components:

An Introduction to CBT

You’ll be given a general overview of safety gear and helmets, and an idea of what to expect from the rest of the training, along with an eyesight test.

Learning the Controls Of a Motorcycle

Expect to learn how to safely use the bike stand, understand the basics of bike wheeling and get an overview of carrying out a safety check, during this stage.

Off Road Riding

Although you’ll be riding in a safe and secure off road area, you’ll actually get on the bike and do some riding at this point. Expect to learn all about left and right turns, making a U-turn, performing an emergency stop, and the basics of riding and stopping straight and smoothly.

Safety Overview and Road Briefing

Maintaining the ideal road position is one aspect of this section, which also focuses on the rules of the road, the highway code, the importance of being visible when riding, and general safety. You’ll be in the classroom again for this.

Practical Riding On the Road

The skills you have learned up to now will be put to the test when you actually get to ride on the road, and you’ll need to navigate and cope with different road and traffic conditions. Don’t be too overwhelmed as you’ll be in contact with your instructor at all times by way of radio.

The Cost

Expect to pay anything from several hundred pounds to several thousand for your motorcycle training, and the different components may be paid for separately or as a total package. However, London Motorcycle Training has some of the best prices around, as well as the top instructors.

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