Parts of RV that Need Regular Servicing and Maintenance


Owning an RV is a wonderful thing but maintaining might not be that easier a game for all. RVs that are consisted of several components, need to be repaired and serviced at certain parts, following a strict interval, as advised by the manufacturer through the owner’s manual, suggested a mechanic who offer RV service in Iowa

Since an RV will have an intricate, massive interior, while having to maintain a full-fledged SUV or truck as the towing vehicle, maintaining it would be much vivid and complicated. So, here are the parts of an RV that get worn out faster than others, and till you get them back on track, you won’t be able to use the RV on road. 


The RVs are massive. They are towed by powerful trucks or SUVs that can pick up high speed, when driving on highways, and might need to engage the brakes abruptly at times. This can take a toll on the braking system, and parts like the brake pads and rotor can wear off after crossing a certain distance. so, like every other vehicle, the brakes of the RVs need to be in shape, since it carries in it not only a big group of people, but also valuable items, that can get damaged with hard braking. 

The Water Tank

On your RV roof you carry a big reservoir of water that you will use during the travel. But what if the tank is not exhausted entirely, and the RV is parked under the shade for a long time? Will it be a good idea to use that stale and stagnant water for your regular use? Of course not. So, once you return from a travel, and have no other travel plans in the near future, you must empty the water tank immediately, and keep it empty. Before you set out for the next travel, make sure to clean the water tank before you fill it again. 

Slides and Seals

The interior of an RV is fragmented by several compartments. All these compartments are divided by doors that slide sideways and use rubber seals to get closed airtight. But when seasons change, these parts tend to get soiled. The seals that are made of rubber often develop cracks in them, and as a result, the doors will not slide and shut properly. So, when your RV is not in use, make sure to check these parts once in a while and get them repaired or replaced, if necessary.

Wheels and Tires

Finally, like every other vehicle, the RV moves on wheels and tires, that have their own set of issues, after crossing a considerable measure of distance. the wheels can get dislocated from their alignment, and the tires can get worn out unevenly, depending upon the weight distribution happening when the RV is on the move. So, a wheel alignment and tire rotation service become ultimately necessary, before you set out for the next journey, instructed the staff members of the Iowa RV service station. 

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