Popular Steamers For Windows Tint And Clothing


Removing a tint from your car can be easy but challenging at the same time. If you don’t follow the right procedure, you might end up not accomplishing this goal of removing both the wrinkles on your cloth or the tint on your window.

What is a Steamer Used for?

A steamer is used to remove wrinkles from clothing, upholstery, and draperies. It also helps in removing tints from a window of a car. For a cloth, you will need to acquire a clothing steamer, which can also aid in removing tints on the window. The procedure for using, depending on the purpose is complicated. For a fabric, you just point the head of the steamer to it. Then you hold it close for the steam to penetrate. To protect your fabric from damage, it is advisable you don’t allow the steam head to rest in it.

About Jiffy Steamers

Jiffy steamer is a brand known in the steaming industry for providing both personal and for professional products. Jiffy steamer consists of different models with different features. We have the jiffy window tint steamer that is used to remove window tint. It is one of the top jiffy steamer models and features a wide range of temperature settings which makes it perfect for light and heavy duties. They is also have a jiffy clothing steamer, which is ideal for removing wrinkles from clothing. The model features a fabric brush which makes it easier to get even in tight spaces. The different models include the jiffy proline steam blade which features a stainless steel boiler making it powerful and durable. This steamer has 1500watts of heating power making it ready to steam within 15 minutes and 2 minutes once it hits the standby temperature.

We also have the j-2000 jiffy steamer, which is affordable and features a plastic body making it reliable and lightweight to carry. This steamer also has 1500 watts and is ready to steam between fifteen minutes and two minutes. The stainless steel also ensures that there is no corrosion in the case of hard water. It also features a brass fitting with an extra layer for durability and color-coded wiring to prevent it from electrocution. For faster movement, it is fitted with swivel casters. The J-2000 jiffy steamer is perfect for garment steaming.

Using Steamer to Remove Window Tint

Window tinting has been famous in most vehicles to improve their appearance and privacy. However, depending on the model and make of the vehicle, it is always hard to figure out on how to remove window tint. There are different ways how to remove window tint. This is made easy by using a steamer which will consist of an adhesive remover spray and a steamer. The steamer works by heating water and producing steam, which is emitted from the steam head, and pointed at the window tint. This makes it easier for the adhesive to loosen up making it easier to remove without damaging the window.


Removing the tint from the window or the wrinkles from the clothes has been made easier using the jiffy steamer model. However, you should always follow the instructions before using or steaming. For the fabric, do not use delicate fabrics such as silk or wet items. Lastly, you shouldn’t allow children to operate on the steamer.

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