Provide your bike with some power boost


If you are not ready to purchase yourself an e-bike, you can buy an ebike conversion kit to help you transform your bike to the boost you want for it. Electric bikes are now standard around the world, and everyone would love to have one. There are so many advantages you can gain from owning one.

What are e-bike conversion kits?

The e-bike kits are electric motors that can be attached to your bicycle frame for you to convert your regular bicycle into a motorized bicycle. The range of their power is from 250 watts up to 750 watts. Additionally, they can add 12 to 25 pounds to the total weight of your bicycle. The power speeds can range from 15 mph to 20 mph, ranging from 12 to 40 miles. Of course, it will all depend on the bike you want to convert.

Who are the typical users of the kits?

These kits are familiar to those who are just starting eBiking. However, if you have a mountain bike indeed, a conversion kit will be another good investment for you. The electric equipment will help you conquer challenging trails and steep hills, primarily if you use conversion kits that come with pedal-assist functions.

How can you convert your regular bicycle?

If you are going to use an electric bike conversion kit, there is no doubt that you can convert whatever type of bicycle you have into an electric bicycle. Most of the conversions you are going to do are easy as you change your wheels. Then, you will only have to remove your bike wheels and attach your electrical drive wheel to the area.

Your bicycle conversion kit comes with a battery, a simple install controller, and wiring. You will not have any hard time attaching each material as they are straightforward to connect to your regular bicycle, and you will also have a manual to follow. When you are finished with all the steps, you are now ready to use your newly converted bikes.

What are the things you must consider?

There are several things you must consider when you are planning to convert your bicycles. The motos have three sizes, and the most typical motor used is the 200W e-bike conversions that are for cities will not require you a significant amount of power. If you use a 350W motor, ensure that you are always careful as they are more powerful.

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