Recycle Your End of Life Vehicle to Benefit Your Budget and the Environment


Every year, about two million vehicles are taken out of service and scrapped in the United Kingdom. Of those sent to salvage yard, approximately seventy five percent of each vehicle is recycled. These recycling efforts make a difference to both the environment and to people’s personal finances.

The Environment

Recycling your vehicle helps the environment in a multitude of ways.

  • Recycling steel conserves iron ore, coal, and limestone.
  • Recycling vehicles cuts down on the green house gases.
  • Recycling reduces landfills and keeps old unwanted vehicles from cluttering or polluting your and other’s property.
  • Weston-Super-Mare car breakers will dismantle your vehicle appropriately and will dispose of the hazardous chemicals and fluids according to best, safe, and approved practices and standards.


Recycling your vehicle helps your financial budget, too. Whether it is the relief from the Road Tax or the savings you made from buying and selling used parts, recycling your old vehicle is a financial win, and it’s gaining in popularity by the day.

More and more, people are discovering the financial benefits of recycling their vehicles and buying replacement parts from the salvaged vehicles.  A savvy shopper might even save enough money to start thinking about future customisations.

Recycling your vehicle is a part of vehicle ownership and is a serious responsibility. Whether it is the end of the vehicle’s life, when it is old and full of troubles, or if it’s new and you just want a few parts for customisation, you can use vehicle recycling to achieve your goals.

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