Redmond Auto Repair


Washington State has grown year after year with the surge in big tech companies buying up land and creating an abundance of employment opportunities for the residents of Washington State. With new jobs come more money and more money buys nicer things. Companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks, Boeing, and Nintendo are all headquartered in Washington state. These companies pay healthy salaries to their top level employees making Washington an ideal place to open a luxury car dealership.

There are already Ferrari and Lamborghini dealerships in the area and the demand for luxury automobiles is only increasing the better theses business do. Redmond, home of Microsoft and Nintendo has experienced a housing boom that has driven the price of homes through the roof. But what about the new luxury car business? We spoke to a KD Automotive about the increase of luxury high-performance sports vehicles in Redmond and the local mechanics had this to say.

“Yes, we have definitely noticed that the types of cars being brought in for repair today are much nicer than they were years ago. Redmond has become home to many new millionaires over the years and the automotive marketplace has benefited greatly because of that. We used to see farm trucks lugging farming goods across town, now you might see a Tesla at the stoplight with a Microsoft VP behind the wheel of the high-performance vehicle. It has also forced us to further train our mechanics so they are prepared when a Tesla comes in the shop for repair. The fundamental idea from vehicle to vehicle is the same, but the design and craftsmanship from a Toyota Camry to a Ferrari are absolutely night and day. Our mechanics need to know where to find parts for these cars, what kind of oils these high-performance engines use, what tools are used to repair them, and when to say no to a repair that is outside our shops capabilities. Anything outside of simple repair work for a lot of these cars should take place at the dealership. There are proprietary components that these vehicles use that can only be ordered through the dealership. This is almost preventative maintenance for the dealerships so that their customers don’t purchase 3rd party parts from China to repair a German made vehicle. German engineered automobiles should have German engineered replacement parts installed in them. So yes, the local tech industry as impacted our business greatly for the better, we are busier than ever and continue improving the repair services we offer to our clients.”

Washington isn’t the only state to experience this influx in the luxury automotive industry. Any of the City/State combos that have been home to big money have experienced this trend at some point. Beverly Hills, New York City, Scottsdale, all are destinations for the stars, both actors and professional athletes call these cities home and in the garage of those homes are fleets of luxury automobiles that need a qualified mechanic to maintain and repair. As Washington State continues to grow, cities like Redmond that were once small farming communities and are now booming tech hubs will continue to witness this growth. If you pass through Redmond and venture down into Kirkland, Washington you will find a waterfront strip where cars will gather in the summer months to stroll and be seen. If you appreciate luxury automobiles you will want to be down to the Redmond Town Center April 7, 2018 for the Exotics Season Opener. The city is located along the shores of Lake Washington, opposite side of the lake as Seattle Washington. The cars there are as beautiful as the views of Mount Rainier. Washington has truly become a Mecca for car enthusiasts.

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