How To Sell An Old Car in Perth


Unless an old car is a classic, it can be tough to sell the car. Old cars don’t tend to have the charm of a newer car with fresh paint and a gorgeous interior. But there is a way to sell your old car in Perth, getting fair cash value for the car and doing it without any expense or time wasted. Western Metal Recycling of Perth is an old car buyer that pays cash for old cars.

So, why would we want to buy an old car that has no appeal and barely runs? Obviously, keeping the car up is more expensive then it is worth. We want to buy the old car because we are car recyclers in Perth. With old cars that have little value and a great many issues, recycling the cars is often the best choice for the car. We are car recyclers that pay cash for old cars and recycle them for free.

With Western Metal Recycling, you have a car recycler that is a professional recycler, so unlike other car removal companies that claim to recycle cars, but act as middleman, we are the real deal. We are the recycler. We provide many services that are second to none when recycling old cars, like going to the location of our customers to remove their cars for free.

How It Works

When you sell a car to us, the process works like this:

You have an old car that you are ready to get rid of. You know that the costs to maintain the car are not worth its value. Just contact us for a cash quote. We provide quick quotes over the phone and online that only require that car owners provide us with the make, model, year, and condition of their cars.

If you decide to take us up on our offer, then we will ask you to schedule a free car removal Perth. Our removals are fast and convenient and the time that we will provide the paperwork to purchase the car, as well as the cash payment for the car.

With us, you don’t waste time getting your old car sold and you have an instant cash payment in your hand for an eco-friendly disposal of your car. We are your old car buyer in Perth.

Give us a call for a quick cash quote. Call Western Metal Recycling at 0415 227 955.

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