Royal Enfield Classic 350 – Top 5 reasons to Buy


Royal Infield classic 350 is one of the best and popular models right now. Most of the people are flying with this fire Royal Infield which brings stylish look and it is something special in the motorcycle. It stands in the special place in the motorcycle market.

When it flies on the road each and every person will tempt to purchase, this is amazing and stylish look Royal Enfield classic 350. The road presence is simply outstanding and it will surely attract the attention of every individual’s to its retro look. It is no doubt Royal Infield gets retro style look and it completely attracts every individual on the road. Let us discuss 5 reasons to purchase Royal En-field classic 350.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 - Top 5 reasons to Buy

Ride quality

Royal Enfield it is very easy to ride and it is surrounded with leather bound seats, you can feel the motorcycle as if you seat in a sofa seats its cushion is simply amazing. Royal Enfield is one of the comfortable motor vehicle for the person who travels for longer distance daily for work. It is one of the softest motor vehicle in the world that is designed with low end torque that means you don’t want to change your gear often and it is one of the happiest riders.

ABS option

The most important and the exciting feature in Royal Enfield is it is designed with ABS option after very long period. After a huge discussion ABS has introduced in Royal Enfield vehicles and now it is one of the top most motor vehicle in today’s market. It is designed with supporting features compared to human for travelling. You can also choose Royal Enfield for travelling long distance and you will not find any tiredness during the time of travel which is also safe too.

Resale and price value

This is one of the demand motorcycles in the market the price is little bit higher when compared to other motorcycles. On road price of Royal Enfield is 130000. And the resale value is 1 lakhs while considering proper maintenance, usage after 5 years. This is designed with cast iron with strong engine block and the price can also go even higher when it is properly maintained by the user.

Resale and price value


Royal Enfield is built like a gun it is constructed with metal blogs with less number of plastic. It is assured that if it is properly maintained this motorcycle is capable to with stand for decades. It is not joking Royal Enfield motorcycle can be used for about 15 to 20 years if it is properly maintained by the user and this still runs to this day.


Many people love to buy Royal Enfield since due to its structure, exciting features and stylish look. It is the electric start designed with exciting features and it is one of the easier motorcycles for Riding. Most of the people jump to Royal Enfield new technology bikes due to its comfort.

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