Sketching an Outline of the 2020 Mercedes Benz A-Class Model Series


If you have experienced a ride in the Mercedes Benz A-Class model, you must have known what it is like. But for those who have not yet known this car from inside and out, we have something to share with them here. It is especially about the 2020 year edition of the Mercedes Benz A-Class model that we are talking about. All we would do here is making an attempt to sketch out an outline of what this model has to offer to its users, through our own way of describing things. But we must say that without the help of the Laval Mercedes Benz dealership showroom staff members, this wouldn’t have been possible. They helped us with all the relevant figures and other information parts of it, apart from encouraging us to get a test drive with this amazing compact car from the house of Mercedes Benz that comes both in the shapes of sedans and hatchbacks.

User Experience

We tried our test drive on the base models of the 2020 Mercedes Benz A-Class series. As soon as we entered the swanky cabin, two seven-inches hi-resolution touchscreens caught our attention, since they were the most prominently visible elements of all. Later we could take notice of the running navigation system that could be accessed through one of them. The other connected services were plenty to count upon. But what was surprisingly pleasant was the voice activation system through which you could simply order the gadgets to function the way you want.

On the higher trims of the 2020 Mercedes Benz A-Class models, the screens can be as big as 10.25-inch at the central one, or you can even get a pair of them performing as good as a spectacular cinemascope.

Engine Variants

There are a handful of engine variants offered on the 2020 year lineup of Mercedes Benz A-Class series. At the lowest trim, it is one 134bhp making engine used for the A180 trim. The next higher engine is able to make 161bhp run the A200 models. Both derive their respective power from a 1.3-liter petrol turbo engine that is constituent of two cylinders working with light throttle. Then comes a 2.0-liter engine that is newly introduced to the lineup this year.

The automaker says one can also go for diesel options that are comprised of a 114bhp A180d and 148bhp A200d ones, though at the top of the trim tree, there awaits a 302bhp A35 AMGoption that has earned the maximum popularity till date.

The 2020 year lineup sees manual gearboxes to be fixed as the standard on the lower trim models while the higher ones get automatic as standard. But irrespective of the engine you’re A-Class model is powered with, it will invariably have one seven-speed DCT attached to it, except for the A200d model that replaces this gearbox with an eight-speed automatic one.

Driving a 2020 Mercedes Benz A-Class model at the Mercedes Benz dealership Laval showroom was worth experiencing just to see, how this automaker always ensures something that is class-exclusive.

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