Some driving habits upsetting the performance of your truck


For many drivers across the world, handling a long-haul truck is pretty tough as compared to automobiles. A person driving a car may discover challenges while driving a long-haul truck. Therefore, it would be affecting the truck’s performance too. One must know about the driving habits that affect truck performance, no matter if he is a regular driver or seasonal driver.

Driving habits that impacts your truck performance are as follows:

Hard braking

You may not have to contact a truck breakdown service in Gainesville if you can thwart hard braking. Hard braking can be dodged by practising defensive driver passionately. The driver should not use brakes when they are going downhill; it can raise the brakes’ heat.


Driving a truck for a long period can cause fatigue to the driver, which is quite dangerous. As per federal stats, around 13 percent of truck accidents in the United States occur due to fatigued drivers. Driving in a sleepy condition can even impact your performance, and it can lead to a severe crash.

Rapid acceleration

Rapid acceleration can put pressure on the engine, and it can even lead to wastage of fuel. One way to gently accelerate the loaded truck is by pressing the gas pedal and turning it in a higher gear. In this way, the truck will acquire some speed gradually.

Extreme idling

It is surprising but true that each year over $3 billion is spent on fuel to power the inactive truck engines. This means 6813 litres of diesel is consumed by each truck yearly. The truck drivers should obey the rule made on idling and must utilize a generator if their vehicle requires power for an extended period.

Under filtrated tires

Heavy loads are carried by the long-haul trucks throughout the day or more. If any of the tires gets inflated, the drivers will immediately start contacting the nearest truck breakdown service in Gainesville. A lot of problems can take place if you are driving a long-haul truck on inflated tires. It can cause fuel wastage, shorten the lifespan of tires, and raise the chances of accidents. Keep an eye on the condition of each tire regularly.

Bad vision

The truck drivers should be very much alert when they are in the driver’s seat. Bad observation can bring disasters on the road. They must communicate well on the roads with other drivers by using flashlights, horns, or indicators.

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