SOS Tire Repair; How to Fix Your Tire Quick but Not Dirty


It can happen anytime, anywhere. You are driving to work, school, the gym, etc. and you pick up a puncture in your tire.

A wayward screw or nail in the street finds its way into your driving path. It’s nothing but bad luck. You are stranded with a flat tire. Is this an SOS situation? Do you need to sound the alarms? Not yet!

Fortunately, it’s not as bad as it sounds. You don’t have to be a mechanic or call a tow truck for SOS tire repair?

With a little preparation, you can fix your tire quick and clean. Read this guide to learn the process.

The Stats

The shocking but sad truth is something like 60% of people can’t change a flat tire. Furthermore, there are an average of 200 million flats a year. As this is the case, it’s going to happen to you at some point.

Some places like this mobile tire service company can help, but this is an important skill to know. Being able to change a flat tire will help you avoid costly headaches. What’s more, it’s very easy. Let’s examine how it is done.

The Tools

The tools for this job are as important as the process. Considering, the stats above, you will be happy to have them on hand. Below is a list of items you should keep in your car at all times:

  • Gloves
  • Patch kit
  • Tire iron
  • Jack
  • Spare Tire
  • Knife or clippers
  • Needle nose pliers

Most cars will have the tire iron, jack, and spare tire already on board. In sedans, they are in the trunk. For trucks, check under the bed.

The patch kit is available at any auto parts store. The kits, good for 5-6 patches, are a one-time purchase. Finally, the gloves are the key to completing this job without getting dirty. Any pair will work.

Double-check that all these tools are in your car. Got em? Okay, let’s change a tire.

The Process

When you realize you have a flat, stop driving on it as soon as possible. Pullover to a shady area. The shade will keep you from breaking a sweat which is part of staying clean.

Depending on where they are kept, gather all the aforementioned tools. Put on the gloves and pull out the spare tire. Losen all the lug nuts on the bum wheel with the tire iron.

Once loose, find a good spot for the jack on the chassis. Raise the car until the wheel has space to turn freely. Remove the lug nuts. From there, the flat tire will slide off the axle.

Put the spare in its place and tighten the nuts. Lower the car.

Roll the flat tire looking for the puncture. It is likely the nail is still embedded. With the pliers, yank the nail from the tire. It is okay if the remaining air spills out. Plug the hole with the kit by jamming the patch deep into the tire.

Cut the remainder of the patch off with the knife. You can drive on the spare tire for now, but when you get a chance, fill the patched tire with air and replace it.

Peel off the gloves and you won’t have a speck of dirt on you. The whole process should take less than 15 minutes and you’ll be on your way to work again.

Prepare Yourself For SOS Tire Repair

An SOS tire situation does not have to be a nightmare. Follow this guide and you will quickly and cleanly be back on the road.

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