Tips on Finding a Good Driving Instructor


Passing the driving test is a milestone in everyone’s life, and for some it comes earlier than others. There are people of all ages, from 17 to 70, who are preparing to take their driving test, and with that in mind, here are some tips on sourcing a competent driving instructor.

  • Check out Their Pass Rate– The very best indicator of a driving instructor’s skills is their pass rate, and with the best driving lessons in Newton Abbot, your chances of passing couldn’t be better. Like many other professions, a driving instructor is a performance-based position, so avoid any driving school that doesn’t have a good pass rate.
  • Cool, Calm & Collected– You would expect a driving instructor to be someone in control of their emotions, as getting upset when a student makes a mistake will do nothing for their confidence.
  • Look for Positive Testimonials– Testimonials are a strong indication of a successful instructor, and if you search online for a driving school, look for one with glowing reports from previous students, who have passed, of course.
  • Quality Cars– It isn’t just the instructor who needs to be of quality, the car you are going to learn in should be relatively new and a mid-range model.

If you have friends who have recently passed their driving test, as them how they felt about their instructor, and if it is all good news, your quest for the best driving instructor can end there.

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