Automatic or Manual? What’s the Best


The answer to that question very much depends on what you plan to do with the car. If you enjoy the act of driving, and are in no particular hurry, then an automatic gearbox is ideal.

  • Automatic Gears –An auto gearbox makes the gear shift when the engine rpm hits a certain figure, and with today’s units, the change is as smooth as it gets. The major difference from the driver’s perspective is the lack of a clutch pedal, leaving you with a very wide brake pedal, operated by the left foot, while the smaller accelerator pedal is on the right. One can apply the brakes in any gear and even bring the car to a stop, where the engine will idle until you release the brake. This is great when in bumper-to-bumper traffic, as you don’t need to make the gear change, and can crawl or inch forward effortlessly. If your gears seem to be changing at the wrong time, or not at all, there is affordable gearbox reconditioning in Romford, and that will transform the car.
  • Manual Gears – Driving a high performance car requires the use of a manual gearbox, as driver control is far better, you can hold a gear until you get maximum power delivery onto the drive wheels. You can also use the gears to slow you down, which takes a lot of the strain from the brake pads, and with a responsive gearbox and a skilled driver, speeds can reach 300kph, thanks to the manual gearbox.

Most people prefer the automatic, yet the true performance driver will never relinquish his control, by going automatic. Premier vehicles have auto gearing as standard, unless you specifically order a manual version.

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