Top 3 Facts About BMW Key Programming


Irrespective of the model number of your BMW car, a typical BMW key fob comes with a plethora of advantages and security features.

This is the reason why it is sometimes a pain to get a copy of your BMW car key or get it programmed when a new one arrives after placing an order with the OEM.

With that stated, here is a list of top 3 facts about BMW key programming that you should know about –

BMW key fobs seldom need replacing, let alone reprogramming

Before you shell out your hard-earned cash for a new key fob, it is best that you make sure that the one you already have really needs to be replaced or not. BMW key programming costs money and irrespective of the amount, there is no point in spending unnecessarily especially during these financially trying times now, is it?

Get in touch with a BMW-certified mechanic that has a stellar track record as a BMW service Perth provider and have the key fobs of your Bimmer looked at.

Chances are high that all the key fob needs is a battery replacement.

Never try to reprogram your BMW car key fob by yourself

The key fob of your Bimmer is similar to any small electronic device. Hence, chances are there that the device may stop working. Reasons for this could be anywhere between a faulty battery or a broken connection between two electronic components inside the device.

Irrespective of the reason, never try to fix the key fob of your Bimmer by yourself, let alone disassembling it.

Remember, you do not have the tools or the expertise to do so.

Furthermore, even if you can fix the issue momentarily, chances are high that the device might stop working completely in the near future.

Your best shot is to get the key fob looked after by a BMW-certified mechanic that has a stellar track record.

Be sure to deactivate existing key fob before getting a new one

You might have bought a used Bimmer hence chances are high that the previous owner forgot to hand over spare key fobs of the car to you. This is a security concern which is why; you should head over to a BMW-certified mechanic and avail key fob decoding service.

This is a common service offered by all leading and recognised BMW-certified mechanics that allows you to determine how many key fobs were added to your Bimmer and the status of each of those keys.

Deactivating the unnecessary ones will let you rest assured as the key you currently own are the only ones that can work on your car.

Get the point?

There are lots of different reasons why you might be thinking of programming your BMW key. Maybe you want a spare key for your Bimmer so that if you lose the primary key, you wouldn’t be locked out of your car. Or, you might want to give a key to your loved ones so that they can also use your BMW for a commute. Whatever may be the case, always ensure that you are programming your key from a BMW-certified mechanic, for the best results.

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