Treating Your Vehicle Properly Reduces Future Service Disbursements, Here’s a Simple Recipe for DIY Car Care


Cracking open your wallet and shelling out your well-earned cash on vehicle repairs is probably the most maddening expense nowadays, especially if the sticking point is something that could have been easily countered with some hands-on car care.

Your Foolproof Automotive Agenda

If somebody told you that you could save hundreds of pounds each year just by spending 30 minutes per month on DIY vehicular diagnostics and upkeep, you probably would, right? Well, here are the proverbial keys to the Royal Mint:

  • The fluids in your car are like the blood running through your veins, so you should peek in on the radiator, washer, AC, brake, motor oil, and power steering vessels once per month. Low fluid levels equate to a high chance of mechanical failings.
  • Your suspension components and fuel mileage count on fully inflated tyres, so keep your wheels satiated with the maker’s stated PSI found in the guidebook.
  • Make use of the core charge allowance in parts stores, which allow you to return broken starters, batteries, and the like to sidestep this surcharge.

Even if your vehicle is still under the maker’s warranty, the absolute last thing you’ll want to do is take it to the original dealership because their set rates and non-negotiable corporate tolls tend to be usurious. Instead, draw on the private experienced garage services in Cranleigh.

Don’t Let Your Worries Ride – Get a Grip on Issues ASAP

Performing a test on your vehicle and getting an accurate summary of any warning light indicators is something that you should do routinely and without delay.

If you’re worried about a malfunction in your vehicle, always ask yourself, “Is it worth spending a few pounds for a fix right now, or thousands down the road?”

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