Twice as Nice: 5 of the Best Car Manufacturer Collaborations


Did you know that there are over 400 car models on the market and available for you to purchase? They come from a wide variety of car manufacturers that each specializes in their particular strengths. This forces you to compare the strengths and weaknesses of each model and the manufacturer behind it.

So what if you could buy a car that’s produced by two manufacturers? Then you could have double the strengths and reduced weaknesses.

Check out these five car manufacturer collaborations.

1. Tesla and Toyota

This is probably one of the most talked-about car collaborations. The electric RAV4 is the perfect combination of Tesla’s innovative technology and Toyota’s quality build. Unfortunately, it was only offered in California.

Toyota was actually one of the early investors in the small American manufacturer. While they have since parted ways, we will always have the electric RAV4.

2. Ford and Mazda

Did you know that one of the largest car manufacturers in the United States has a long-standing relationship with Mazda? It all started back in 1969 when the two teamed up to develop the automatic transmission.

Ford then later invested in Mazda. Then when Mazda needed financial saving, Ford stepped in to save the company.

There are no specific models that are an independent collaboration of the two companies. Instead, you’ll find models from both that contain components from the other.

The Mazda CX-9 contains the 3.7-liter Ford V-6 engine. The four-cylinder Mazda engine is in several older Ford Fusion models.

3. Mercedes and AMG

This is probably one of the least surprising car company collaborations. Two former engineers from Mercedes founded AMG. So the two companies were bound to eventually work together.

Back in 1965, we had the Mercedes-Benz 300 SE as a result of the fated collaboration. This car was such a hit that the two companies went on to develop a strong working relationship.

4. Toyota and Subaru

Both of these car companies are known for building reliable and durable vehicles, so you know they were bound to produce something impressive. The result of this team-up were two almost identical models, the Scion FRS and the BRZ.

These vehicles are fun to drive, despite their lack of horsepower. But with the tough suspensions and engines, these cars will stick with you through all adventures.

5. BMW and Toyota

Toyota is open to collaboration, and their work with BMW got the car world talking. It’s a brilliant decision; BMW is a powerhouse manufacturer and knows exactly how to create horsepower.

Thanks to this collab, we now have the Supra back and better than ever. The turbocharged engine that powers this popular car is thanks to BMW’s manufacturing. But it’s Toyota’s brilliant design work that is responsible for the badass looking body.

Consider a Dual Car Manufacturer Vehicle

If you’re getting ready to buy a new vehicle, consider buying a car that’s produced by two car manufacturers. You’ll have a unique vehicle that benefits from having dual teams of engineers and designers.

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