Vroom Vroom: 6 Fast Facts About Ferraris


For many people, driving a Ferrari on a trip through Europe is a lifelong dream. That said, how much do you really know about this brand?

Of course, some things are common knowledge. For instance, you may recall that a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO was the most expensive car ever sold. You might also know that all elements of any Ferrari are customizable.

Still, there are some things that only Ferrari diehards will know about. Here are six facts about Ferraris that will surprise you!

  1. Rosso Scuderia

These days, Ferraris come in all kinds of colors, from bright yellow to metallic grey. Originally, though, they only came in red (Rosso Scuderia).

Despite its now-iconic look, Rosso Scuderia wasn’t Enzo Ferrari’s original choice. Back then, the International Automobile Federation assigned a red color to all Grand Prix race cars. Ferrari chose to build a brand around this color, and the rest is history.

  1. First Models

When Enzo Ferrari was starting out, mass production wasn’t an option. This is why his first official model, the 125 S, was only produced twice.

The 125 S was as unreliable as it was gorgeous. In its competitive debut, fuel pump issues forced the driver to abandon the race while in the lead. Ferrari later dismantled the two 125 S models and used the parts in the Dino Marque project.

  1. Theme Park

Need more proof that Ferrari is the biggest brand in the world? In 2010, they constructed the largest indoor theme park in Abu Dhabi.

The park’s main attraction is the fastest rollercoaster in the world at close to 150 mph. It also features three other rollercoasters, kids’ rides, and various family attractions. Renting a Ferrari and driving it on the streets around the park is also an option.

  1. Ferrari Merchandise

The main reason why Ferrari is such a big brand is its merchandising strategy. Even if you can’t afford their cars, you can buy the merch.

Each year, Ferrari sells about $1.5 billion worth of merchandise around the world. The stock includes Ferrari-themed sunglasses, clothing, phone covers, and scale models of cars. The brand’s popularity also makes it a perfect rental choice.

  1. The Prancing Horse

Ferrari’s “Prancing Horse” logo is as unique as the car itself. How ironic, then, that the logo originally belonged to someone else.

In 1923, Enzo Ferrari met the parents of Francesco Baracca, a flying ace in WWI. Baracca’s parents told him that their son painted the prancing horse on his plane. They told him to adopt the logo for good luck, and he thought it was a great idea.

  1. Fiat and Ferrari

Ferrari wasn’t always as successful as it is right now. In the 60s, it was very close to bankruptcy due to increasing financial difficulties.

To get out of the jam, Enzo Ferrari decided to sell 50% of the company to the Fiat Group. The family sold even more of the company later on, retaining only 10% of it. These days, they receive very little of the proceeds from the sales and merchandise.

More Facts About Ferraris

As you can see, Ferrari has had a rich and tumultuous history. Despite all the hardships, though, Ferrari models are as popular as ever. Other carmakers have top-performance models as well, but we’d still rather drive a Ferrari.

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