What to Expect at Your Local Garage


Leicester is a big city with a number of different garages and mechanical workshops. For car owners, finding a decent place to take their vehicle for repairs and maintenance is very important. Without proper care, your car will break down very quickly. You need to take your vehicle for regular maintenance work at least once in every six months. Even if everything is running smoothly, you should take it in for a check-up and to get the oil changed. Other fluids, such as the brake fluids and the gear oil levels, should also be checked.

There are numerous garages in Leicester where you can go to get your car repaired. Major garages, such as the STL Service Centre, pay great attention to the standard of service that they maintain, and often provide an array of different services to ensure that customers can get all of the work done from one shop only. Here are a few things that you should expect when you take your vehicle to a local garage for repair work.

Car Servicing

The most common service that you can expect at any workshop or local garage is car servicing. If you drive along dirty roads, dirt and mud will often settle and harden on the underside of the car. The shocks will dry off as well and will need to be properly greased from time to time. Taking your car for a car servicing every three or four months is important to ensure that it continues running smoothly. When you take your car for a regular service, the company will first wash it down from top to bottom and then apply a foaming solution to remove all sorts of dirt and deposits from the exterior of your car. Once that is done, the car will be lifted atop a hydraulic platform and cleaned from underneath.


Every year, you will be required to take your car for a Ministry of Transportation test to determine whether the vehicle is drivable on the roads or not. The tests are relatively cheap (starting from under 35 GBP) and can be finished within an hour. You have to make sure that you take your car for a MoT test once a year. If your certificate has expired, you can call your local workshop and arrange for a testing. You will be seated in a comfortable waiting room while the tests are carried out on your vehicle.

Tyre Replacement

After every two years, you will also need to replace the tyres of your car to ensure that it continues driving smoothly. Due to wear and tear, the tyres treads often start to tear up and begin to lose their traction on the road. You can take your car to STL Service Centre in order to get the tyres replaced. The company will show you several different tyre models and will help you choose the most affordable option based on your driving needs. These are just some of the services that you can expect at your local garage.

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