What You Need to Know About Commercial Truck Maintenance


Commercial trucks are usually driven very long distances and need to be adequately maintained from time to time. If you are the owner of a commercial business that uses a fleet of trucks, you should locate a convenient workshop near your company’s offices so that the trucks can be taken for periodic maintenance work. If there’s an issue with the trucks while they are out on the roads, your company’s profitability might be affected. Orders are likely to be delayed if the trucks are not working correctly or break down. There are some guidelines here.

Commercial truck maintenance needs to be carefully handled. Rather than take the trucks to different workshops around the city, it’s highly recommended that you stick with one workshop for maintaining all the trucks. Here are a few of the many reasons why it’s always better to hold with one company for all of your truck maintenance needs:

  • They will give you a discounted fee if all the trucks in the fleet are maintained at the workshop
  • The company will create maintenance schedules to ensure that all trucks perform optimally
  • The mechanics that maintain the trucks will be able to fix any issues that arise

Most workshops offer a complete array of services, including maintenance, repairs, and testing. To give you a better idea about commercial truck maintenance in Milton Keynes, here are a few of the services that you will require.

MOT Testing

All commercial and private vehicles must undergo MOT testing at least once a year. The Ministry of Transport test is an important test that checks the roadworthiness of your vehicle. It involves checking the vehicle for all kinds of problems, emissions, as well as the safety of the vehicle. The Ministry of Transport has assigned many workshops around the country to carry out the MOT tests, so you will need to get them done for all the vehicles. If the vehicle fails to pass the test, you will need to resolve the problems before you get the test done again.

On-site Repairs

If you have contracted with any workshop for repairs and maintenance services, they will provide an on-site repair service as well. If you have trucks that need to be repaired on-site and have to be sent on a route, you might want to call a mechanic to fix the trucks on-site. This is particularly handy if the truck has broken down on the side of the road. The mechanic will arrive at the location and fix the truck so that there are no delays in the daily trips.


Every few months, the trucks will be sent for maintenance at the workshop. Conventional maintenance routines include checking the brake oil, engine oil, and all other fluids within the truck. It also involves testing the suspension of the vehicles and other mechanical components. This will ensure that your trucks perform reliably on longer routes.

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