What’s Covered in a Car Service?


Servicing your car regularly could save you a lot of trouble. Servicing keeps your car from getting excessively dirty, and also includes a thorough wash and cleaning on the inside. Because most people drive their cars on various types of surfaces, it gets considerably dirty over time. You need to take your car for a service regularly after every six to eight years to avoid problems. Here are a few important services that are covered in a proper car service:

  • Undercarriage cleaning
  • Interior car cleaning
  • Engine bay cleaning

You need to look for a trusted car servicing company in Woking if you want to keep your car neat and clean. There are many important things you need to check before you take your car for servicing. Here are a few things you should know about getting your car serviced.

Go Every Six Months

If you are an average driver and take your car out for a spin once a day, it’s important that you get it serviced every five to six months. However, if you have to drive regularly over long distances on your daily commute, you might want to get it serviced much more frequently.

Get a Full Package

You should always get the full package that involves a thorough servicing for both the inside and outside of your vehicle. Always get a full package to ensure that your vehicle is thoroughly cleaned from the inside and outside using high-quality agents.



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