When Was the Last Time You Had a Flat


If you have ever experienced a flat tyre, you know the experience can be frustrating. Not only does the activity keep you from your obligations, it can also be dangerous to change a tyre along a roadway. Therefore, you need to make sure you have regular tyre inspections.

Why Alignments Are Needed

One of the most important ways to keep tyres in shape is with an alignment and inspection. An alignment is done to optimise tread life and to keep a car travelling in a straightforward direction. Therefore, alignments are performed to support precise steering and to make sure the treads wear evenly. When vehicles are misaligned, gas mileage can be affected as well.

Improved Handling

As a result, when tyres in Andover are aligned, you will experience a number of advantages. As mentioned, an alignment maintains even wear on the treads and permits the tyres to last longer. Wheel alignments also lead to improved handling.

When Should Alignments Be Scheduled?

Therefore, you should schedule this type of maintenance annually, or when you buy new tyres for your vehicle. You should also make an appointment whenever you strike a pothole or kerb too hard. If your vehicle has been involved in a minor fender bender or a more extensive crash, an alignment should be scheduled immediately.

Identifying a Problem

If you want to avoid uneven or excessive tyre wear, you need to make sure you have alignments scheduled when they are required. Also, in order to keep your steering track straight, you need to make an alignment a part of your regular maintenance process. If the steering wheel is turned away from centre when you are driving straight forward, you need to consult with a mechanic right away.

Not only is an alignment good for the health of your tyres, it will also keep you safe when you are driving on the roadways in the UK.

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