Are Your Tyres Bulging?


To stay safe on the road, you need to have your tyres regularly checked to make sure your tyres are properly inflated and maintained. The following information reviews some of the most common issues with tyres.

Over or Under-inflated Tyres

When a tyre is not properly inflated, tyre damage can result, For instance, if a tyre does not have enough air in it, it can lead to excessive wear and overheating. Tyres that contain too much air wear down faster than normal and do not grip the road as well. Therefore, you should regularly track your tyre pressure and adjust it accordingly.

Bulges and Cracks

If your tyres hit potholes or kerbs one too many times, the result will be cracks or bulges. These issues are more likely to happen if the tyres are not properly inflated.

Alignment Problems

Tyres in Bexhill-on-Sea are often replaced because of misalignment. If you notice more wear on one side of your tyres than another side, the alignment should be corrected, and a new tyre should be fitted on your car. When tyres are misaligned, it can lead to a reduction in their traction and grip.

General Wear and Tear

Because tyres wear down over time, it helps to check the tread depth of your tyres regularly. If the depth is under 1.6 millimetres, you cannot legally drive on the road, and therefore must have your current tyres replaced.

To make things easier, make sure the tyre retailer has a large selection of tyres – a lineup that features tyres for most makes and models of vehicles. When a dealer has a larger selection, they can offer quality tyres at a more economical cost.

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