Buy Your Used Car from a Dealer


A used car is the best way to get a great car for a low price. Vehicles depreciate very quickly because a new model comes out most years. They also depreciate because it becomes difficult to know what kind of condition the car might be in. There are some problems that can occur with a vehicle but are not noticeable for a while. That uncertainty drives the price of vehicles down. However, that can be to your advantage. A vehicle loses value much faster than it depreciates in quality. If you want to get a great car, you can get one for a low price by buying it used. There is one major caveat, though.

Buy From a Dealer

It’s likely that you’ll see some great prices for used vehicles from private sellers. They might even be lower than the prices you’ll find for used vehicles from a dealer. You should still buy from a dealer, though.


Every part of a vehicle is considered to be a “point”. Therefore a 100-point inspection will inspect 100 different pieces of the vehicle to determine if they are in great shape. When you buy your vehicle from a great dealer, you’ll be sure that you’re getting a great vehicle that has been inspected. Anything that has been found to be damaged will be repaired or replaced.

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