Tips on How to Keep Your Old Car Properly Maintained

If you own one of those classic vehicles and treat it as a prized possession, you will always want to keep it well-maintained. Vintage cars are rare and cost a lot of money. It is only right that it is kept in tip-top shape and working perfectly, just like it always did in the past.

These are a few tips to assist you in keeping that beautiful old car you have in its best form.Keep it stored properlyOld cars and new cars alike have to be kept away from the natural elements that can result in adverse effects. Frigid weather causes several issues, such as mechanical problems, battery issues, and the thickening of the car’s fluids. The heat of the sun, on the other hand, can cause your car’s paint to fade, and humidity is a factor that results in rusting. Your classic vehicle must be stored in an area that is conduciveMake sure it is always cleanIf you want your vehicle to last, it is imperative that you always keep it clean. A build-up of dust and dirt is the source of a car’s deterioration. The performance of the vehicle is compromised, and you can expect rust and other types of damage to occur. After cleaning the exterior, you may want to wax your car to maintain its natural shine. For more information and ideas about maintaining the cleanliness of your vehicle, check out ultrasonic cleaning services.Sustain it with fluidsYour car needs fluids to ensure its longevity. Make sure that it has water all the time. Check on your oils and your brake fluid. It will not be able to run if any of these fluids are lacking. The lubricants are just as essential as the water to keep your car from overheating and causing further damage.Keep it regularly maintainedGetting professional assistance for your regular maintenance is a crucial element in keeping your old car performing its best. Whether your vehicle is brand new or not, it is in your best interest to ensure that you routinely have it checked. It can be a bit costly, but it is worth every cent. By doing this, you can find out if there are minor issues and other problems that you can resolve quickly before they become major concerns.Drive your carWhile your vintage car may be something you want to keep as a show item, it is just as essential to get it running at least once every month. When a car is not used regularly, there will always be issues as a result. Several components can dry up, and leaks could start developing. You can extend your old car’s life span by running it routinely.Your classic car can serve you for a long time if you give it the proper care it needs. You can add even more value to it by keeping it well maintained. You may need to spend a little bit more than usual, especially when it comes to your regular maintenance. However, you can always be sure that your classic car will benefit significantly from all of the care that you provide.


How to Rent a Car in the Age of Highly Transmittable Viruses

Currently, there’s a global coronavirus pandemic and nations are done trying to downplay how serious it is. The call is for everyone to be vigilant and to implement the highest standard of hygiene.

Ensuring your personal safety from transmittable viruses can feel like a huge hassle. However, the extra steps you take for disinfection can save you not only from the huge amount of money for medical treatment if you get infected, but also from the loneliness and pain the disease can cause, as well.

World health authorities strongly advise everybody to stay in the safety of their homes to prevent infection. However, certain operations still require some people to head out and travel from one place to another. One of the transportation solutions some people prefer is car rental deals which provide them with a private vehicle and a driver.

Indeed, these are fantastic provisions during this time for folks who do not have their own vehicle to use. But health authorities still advise the public to implement the highest level of hygiene even when using well-maintained provisions. Listed below are tips on how to rent a car during this period of highly transmittable diseases.

1. Inquire about the last time the car was used

This may seem too probing, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry at this point. Just ask when the car was last used and if it has undergone thorough cleaning and disinfection before coming to serve you for the day. Or, you can simply request for a cleanup and disinfection job to be carried out before the vehicle comes for you.

Top rental companies in Dubai already have a standard procedure for this. But ask anyway for your own peace of mind, even if you will be bringing a disinfecting agent with you and spraying the car with it before boarding.

2. See if the chauffeur has a mask and carries disinfecting products

Again, you may come off as rude, but a lot of social graces have to be pushed aside for the proper implementation of hygiene practices and social distancing.

If the chauffeur has a protective facial mask on and you can see that there are disinfecting products prepared in the car, you’re good to go. These are indications that not only does the rental company offering chauffeur services comply with all the special mandates regarding the containment of transmittable viruses, but also that it values its passengers’ health and safety.

3. Do not share the car with other passengers, if possible

The rule about social distancing is to keep it at one passenger per car, and this is relatively easy if you are hiring one for yourself. However, other vehicles such as bus rentals are meant to transport multiple passengers. These shared rides should only accommodate half of what the bus carries normally. And, passengers should space themselves away from each other — at least one seat apart. The same rule applies to vans.

4. Limit interaction with the driver and fellow passengers

Aside from making sure that you are all properly protected, avoid interacting with each other unnecessarily, as well. Keep conversations short because viruses can transmit through the liquid droplets from a person’s body.

And, if you cannot avoid coming in contact or interacting with each other, disinfect right away. You can use a spray alcohol or hand sanitizers. Don’t worry; there’s a low likelihood of anybody taking offense in the gesture because everybody wants to be safe.

5. Disinfect yourself before getting into the vehicle

Show courtesy to the rental company serving you during this difficult time by disinfecting yourself before getting into their vehicle, too. Clean your hands, disinfect your shoes (there are Lysol wipes and handy sprays that you can use) and cover your face.

Do this every single time that you need to leave the vehicle and come back in, especially if you had been part of a big group or crowd in a particular location.

6. Inform the rental company about where you are going and what you will be doing.

Be straightforward about your destination and activities. It’s important for rental companies to know these details so they can take extra precautions in protecting the car and driver, as well as future passengers.

If you are a health worker, for instance, going to or coming from the hospital as a part of the emergency team dealing with transmittable viruses, make the job of the service company you’re using much easier by being honest. Give them the chance to serve you appropriately. Those who really want to serve will look up ways to do their job right for every customer.

This is an extremely challenging time for the world. Everywhere you go, there’s always the risk of exposing yourself to harmful elements and getting sick.

But, with smart and thoughtful practices for day-to-day living and specific circumstances such as those shared above, you can do your part in preventing the spread of communicable diseases and supporting essential service groups.


Bicycle Locks to Secure Your Bike

The bicycle lock is the most commonly used type of bike lock and is easily obtained at a locksmith or bike shop. It is important to know that there are two types of locks: Keyed and Non-Keyed. A keyed lock has a number of pins inserted into a keyhole, which in turn is inserted into the latch mechanism. A non-keyed lock does not have a keyhole.

Bicycle locks are generally used to secure the frame of a bicycle. They can also be used to secure an open front wheel on a bicycle. The locking system usually includes a specific number of separate components, such as a chain, lever, and rollers.

Bicycle locks should always be placed on a bike when not in use. The purpose of the lock is to protect the bicycle’s frame from theft. It should be placed at a height that is close to the ground when not in use. A short latch that will not interfere with the wheels should be a good choice.

Which Bike Locks Are Best for You?

It is possible to get a bicycle lock that has no key, but there is a risk that it will become unkeyed after time. This can be easily prevented by ensuring that the lock is turned counterclockwise after using it. A clockwise rotation means that the lock is only accessed through the rear.

Bicycle locks vary in terms of size, cost, and ease of use. The most common types are the keyed and non-keyed. Keyed locks are designed to operate with a key, and thus they should be fitted with a key hole. The process is very simple.

It is easy to operate a keyed lock, even with the incorrect, correct key. However, the latch will become impossible to operate after a certain amount of time if the correct key is not used. This may be because the lock will become weak enough to break open if the correct key is not used.

Non-keyed locks, on the other hand, operate with a pin and a keyhole. There is no need for a key. The lock will operate without the use of a key and without any skill on the part of the user. This is because the latch is incapable of operating without the correct key.

Non-keyed locks can be made of many materials, including iron, brass, steel, plastic, or aluminum. The larger the key hole, the easier it is to operate a lock, and the less likely it will become locked from the inside. Larger keys can be bought from the same store that sells bicycle locks.

Bicycle Locks to Secure Your Bike 3

If you are purchasing a new bike, it is always a good idea to make sure that it is protected with a lock. Not only will the lock provide a sense of security for the bike, but it will also help ensure that it is well cared for. Regular checks for damage will keep thieves from taking the bike without paying attention to any problems. This will avoid bike repairs and other losses from theft.

Bicycle locks can be purchased at nearly any local bike shop or online. It is always advisable to buy a lock with a key that is designed for bicycles. This means that any security features of the lock should be applicable to bicycles.

Locks come in many shapes and sizes, and this should be taken into consideration when choosing one. Locks that are small will not be very effective, and so will not be that much better than a large key. Many locks have provisions for different locking methods, and it is important to decide on the type of lock that will best fit your needs.

Bicycle locks have been around for a long time, and they will always be used to protect bicycles. It is always a good idea to ensure that bicycles are protected with a bicycle latch and never leave the property unlocked. This will ensure that your bike remains safe and secure.


Land Rover LR3 – Everything You Need to Know

Over the years, Land Rover has provided plenty of classic models, but there are few that compete with the LR3. Discontinued in 2009, it might not be on the production line any longer, but this doesn’t mean that demand for the model has stopped. Today, we’re going to dig deeper into this model and learn more!


First announced in April 2004, the LR3 took some key components from the Discovery. However, a new body construction method was devised and was quickly named IBF (Integrated Body Frame). Important features included the full independent suspension (FIS) and the other off-road components. Essentially, when off-road, users would have ground clearance by raising the vehicle. When driving at speed, the vehicle lowers, and handling improves.

In the first 2005 model, it came with a 300HP V8 engine, six-speed automatic, carried up to seven passengers, and was a permanent 4WD. One year later, the 2006 iteration entered the market and offered drivers an opportunity to enjoy a new V6 engine. What’s more, a five-passenger model was now available.

In 2007, the peak of the LR3, the SUV changed the engine again. Although the 300HP V8 was still available, the new option was a 216HP V6. Then came the classic, the 2008 LR3. On many websites across the internet, it has the best reviews of all five models and a whopping 97% of drivers recommend the vehicle to others on Land Rover went back to the 300HP V8 engine alone and the car seated seven people.

Finally, we saw the 2009 LR3. Fuel economy might have been a problem and the controls may have been a little awkward, but the off-road capabilities were stronger than most. Elsewhere, drivers enjoyed the Terrain Response technology and the vehicle seemed to enter a new world of technology without stepping away from the classic Land Rover heritage.


Through the five launches, the LR3 found a particular market, and this market has been passionate and loyal in the decade since the final 2009 model. For many car owners, even those who have moved on, they claim the LR3 as their favorite ever SUV. Why? Though the MPG on the road was never too impressive, it came alive when used off-road.

In the later models, the Terrain Response system was exclusive to Land Rover and allowed drivers to adapt the driving experience to their needs. While some chose ‘sand and dunes’, others went for ‘mud and ruts’. Even though the MPG wasn’t the best, the vehicle still handled well on the road. When conditions are tricky, handling doesn’t suffer thanks to the central-locking differential.

What’s more, the LR3 had and has flexibility. For those with a big family, the second row has plenty of space. Meanwhile, the third row can either be kept as seating or tucked away for more storage space in the back. Even after this, we could point towards the Harman Kardon sound system (with NINE speakers), the rear parking distance control, dual-zone climate control, power heated mirrors, advanced navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity, front park-distance control, and a whole lot more.

Of course, how could we finish without mentioning the beauty and durability of the vehicle? With these two in tow, the LR3 remains as popular today as it was upon release. The interior is stylish, the exterior instantly recognizable, and the LR3 a model that made waves in the SUV market!


When to Replace a Serpentine Belt

Do you know which belt breakage may be the most dangerous for your car? Of course you do, otherwise you would hardly have visited this page. The correct answer is that the serpentine belt is broken. You should always buy only high quality details for your car, especially you have to choose the best serpentine belt for your car, you can find in on the website.

The serpentine belt is nothing more than a drive belt. It drives the gas distribution mechanism.

Some motorists call drive belts coils — because they follow a winding path like a snake, wrapping all the auxiliary pulleys of the units. But more often these belts are called:

-generator belt-drives the generator;

-pump belt or air conditioner belt;

-the serpentine belt.

As a rule, the drive belt is wide and thin, with many small V-shaped grooves on the inside. The teeth of the pulleys go into these grooves. The front side is smooth, and can be rolled with one or more tension rollers.

Manufacturers set various regulations for replacing serpentine belts, but professional car mechanics recommend reinsurance and replacing the serpentine belt every time 40 000 – 45 000 but This is very important! Since its break is able to hit your pocket very hard.

Breaking or stretching the drive belt may cause:

engine failure, if the serpentine belt is stretched or broken;

the generator stops working. In this case, all electrical appliances will be powered directly from the car battery, and it, in turn, will remain without constant recharging and will soon run out of power;

-stop the power steering. Driving a car can become difficult;

-stopping the operation of the car air conditioner, etc.

If the drive belt of the water pump breaks, the pump does not work. Insufficient coolant circulation can lead to rapid engine overheating and subsequent costly repairs.

TIP: periodically check the condition of the drive belt and replace it if necessary.

How to determine that the belt needs to be replaced

With older rubber products installed on Soviet cars, there were no special problems. Upon visual inspection, they easily revealed cracks and worn areas. The same can not be said about modern drive belts, with them everything is a little more complicated.

The fact is that modern manufacturers have chosen a more durable and abrasion-resistant material for the manufacture of belts. In such belts, cracks rarely appear and it is quite difficult to determine wear visually. Damage to the belt can be determined using special tools that measure the actual wear of its ribs.

TIP: check the condition of the drive belt at the service STATION during the next oil change or other maintenance. If your car uses an automatic tensioner, we recommend changing it every time you replace the serpentine belt.

Good luck on the Road!


What Makes The Mot Test So Important For Your Vehicle?

Keeping your own mode of conveyance in the form of different types of vehicles is definitely a great thing. It allows you to move around freely locally and even to distant places in a hassle-free and totally comfortable manner. At the same time, it is also important for the concerned vehicle owners to remain assured about the safety of their vehicles in terms of proper and orderly functions of all the parts and also the safety of your fellow-drivers when you are moving on the road. Keeping in mind all such facts, the MOT Uxbridge test has been mandated by the law at almost all the places across the globe. Basically, MOT means Ministry of Transport and it is meant for vehicles of a certain age to ensure that these can be driven in a safer way on the road without causing any harm to anyone. Let us now have a look at some key points that make this test so important for the vehicles.

Ensures Safety Of Your Vehicle In All Respects

Definitely, it is one of the major and most important reasons in the list that make the MOT Uxbridge test essential for your vehicle. By undergoing this test from the certified and authorized centres at your place, you may ensure that all the parts of your vehicle are in a proper and excellent working condition. Hence you may remain stress-free in all respects while driving your vehicle locally and even to some remote places.

Safety Of Others Around You On The Road

Besides your own safety, the MOT test is also important from the viewpoint of the safety of others driving along with you on the road. In simple words, the chances of any uncalled for accidents are totally ruled out or at least reduced significantly due to certain functional or mechanical issues with your vehicle. Timely detection of such issues through this test lets you get rid of the same.

Important for Environmental Safety

Again MOT test is essential for environmental safety as well. This test also ensures that no harmful emissions take place from your vehicle that may otherwise prove to be hazardous for the environment.

Assures Harmless Driving Experience For You

Since you are able to detect and get rid of any problems with your vehicle in a timely manner through MOT test, therefore, it allows you to have harmless and totally safe driving experience for you on the road. At the same time, it also allows you to abide by the local laws.

These are all some key reasons in the list that make the MOT test so important and in fact essential for your vehicle. It is a simple way to assure that your vehicle is in good working condition.

Auto Insurance

Top 3 Tips for Choosing the Best Car Insurance Policy in the UAE

Are you planning to get a new set of wheels? Before you do so, you should also look into the details of how to get the most reliable car insurance policy. Getting car insurance is not only a necessity; it also increases your enjoyment while cruising around in your new car.

Be Sure to Insure

Knowing that you and your loved ones are safe while on the road adds to the fun of driving. Having your car insured will eliminate that nagging thought of costly repairs and replacements should the unexpected happen. Similarly, getting your vehicle insured will also bring about peace of mind and security while you’re out on the road.

Aside from the fact that it is mandated in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to get car insurance when buying a car, reliable car insurance will also protect you from unnecessary worry and costs. Depending on the insurance coverage you choose, you can sit back and entrust your vehicle to a dependable provider when it comes to car accident repair or replacement in case of an accident or calamity.

Knowing the advantages of car insurance, there’s really no reason for you to stall in getting one. If you are unsure of how to go about it, then worry no more. Just read on and find out the top tips for choosing a trusty car insurance policy in the UAE:

1. Research and Compare

The first step in choosing the right car insurance is to actually do your homework. Part of being a responsible car owner is to abide by the law of the land. This means that if you are buying a car in the UAE, then you should definitely get car insurance along with it. Knowing the rules and regulations set forth by the government will help you avoid legal repercussions down the road.

At the same time, you should also take the time to compare insurance providers. There are a lot of choices when it comes to car insurance. To avoid being overwhelmed, you can use an insurance comparison site to look for the best one that will cover your needs.

An insurance comparison site will make the job easier for you. It will help you save time because you can get instant, side-by-side comparisons on insurance policies and identify where you can save the most. It’s also hassle-free because you can do it in the comforts of your own home.

In addition, it will give you unbiased results. Car insurance quotes are ranked by price so you don’t need to scamper around looking for the best-priced deals.

Lastly, you are under no obligation to purchase. If you are not yet ready, you can simply scour the options and take your time in choosing the best car insurance policy suited to your needs.

2. Seek Assistance

It would also be best if you can have someone you trust help you in choosing car insurance. Ideally, it should be someone who has purchased car insurance before or is knowledgeable about it. This will aid in bringing in insight based on experience.

No need to worry though if you do not have a family member or friend to help walk you through the intricacies of car insurance. Car insurance comparison sites also offer personalized advice. You can chat with their service advisors online and get informed answers based on your requirements.

3. Check the Coverage

Before you sign on the dotted lines, make sure you review your insurance coverage. There are basically two types: Third-Party Liability (TPL) Cover and Comprehensive Cover.

TPL coverage is the most basic form of car insurance. At the minimum, this is the required coverage required by the UAE motor vehicle law. With this, bodily injury or death of a third party is covered as well as any damage to their vehicles. However, this does not protect you from theft, personal medical expenses, or repair costs.

On the other hand, Comprehensive Coverage includes TPL coverage as well as compensation and protection for you and your vehicle even if the accident was deemed your fault. This is the highest form of car insurance coverage that you can get.

You can also opt to get additional coverage such as Personal Accident Cover, Geographical Extension Cover, Off-road cover, and other more detailed coverage policies.

Choose the Best

Depending on your needs and budget, you can get the most fitting car insurance for your vehicle. Using a car insurance comparison site will be most helpful because you don’t need to physically go around looking for insurers. At the same time, a reputable comparison site will also only feature well-regarded insurers so you can be assured that you avoid fly-by-night offers.

The best thing to remember is to go for the insurance policy that will address your particular situation. Whether it is the type of car, how often you use your vehicle, or what your financial capacity is, car insurance is a necessity that will help you enjoy many miles of safe and comfortable driving.


Erin Daniyel is the VP for Revenue Operations at Rubicon Project and spokesperson for CompareDubai, an online comparison portal that provides customers with a one-stop platform to compare insurance quotes offered within the UAE. CompareDubai delivers quotations from a number of insurance providers covering a range of products, from Car Insurance to Motorbike, Yacht and Boat, Medical, Life, Business and Home Insurance.


How to sell a junk car for cash in 5 easy steps?

If you are thinking about selling your old junk car, then you must read this article. In this article, we have presented steps to sell your junk car for cash. With regards to cash for junk cars to make sure to realize the correct strides to take full advantage of your money.

It’s useful to figure out how to sell a junk car without hassle for a reasonable price. Knowing the best deal can profit you and make your car selling experience pleasant. At the point when it’s an excellent opportunity to sell your old car, depend on these exercises to get the most money for your junk car.

Step 1: Take a survey

When you have decided to dispose of your junk car, you should initially finish a short survey of the vehicle. It is critical to set up this investigation to determine the present status of your vehicle. When this is done, it is proposed to have the car evaluated and assessed by an expert technician to precisely recognize the real worth for your vehicle. This isn’t obligatory, but it can give you a good idea about the costs of your vehicle. This is because the better condition a car is in, the more cash it’s worth

Step 2: Look for the potential buyers

When the investigation is finished, begin calling around to different purchasers. The most dependable car purchasers are the junk car expulsion organizations, scrap yards, and “money for autos” services. These are the ventures that pay the most for rescued, destroyed, and trashed cars. It is imperative to contact different organizations, regardless of whether they are not in your vicinity. This sort of research will give you an idea of the worth of your car and the condition it is in. At that point, you can unquestionably recognize reasonable offers and potential buyers who can buy your vehicle.

Step 3: Ask the junk car selling vendor for towing.

There are specific things you need to research when you call a junk car selling service. Get some information about their towing strategy. Many junk car purchasers offer free towing for scrap autos they are purchasing. It might not be good if they charge a fee to tow your car. Additionally, check for licenses, accreditations, references, sites, and online audits. This can help figure you to figure out which junk car selling service offers the best deals and who can be trusted most.

Step 4: Check the title of the car

You should discover the car title to your car. If you are not the title holder, at that point, you may not be in a position to sell the vehicle by any means. If you don’t have the title, however, you are the proprietor of the car, you should contact the local transport department for the information on petitioning for another car title. Most junk car evacuation organizations and “cash for cars” services want to buy rescued cars with the title.

Step 5: Sell Your Car

Last, when the title is found, you are prepared to sell your old car. From here, pick one of the organizations you reached before and plan a get time for your vehicle. Upon appearance, the driver will have you give up the title to the car and afterwards give you the cash. They ought to have the option to provide you with money on the spot, yet a few organizations hand out checks. When they leave with the branded title, you are never again the legitimate proprietor of the car.


Common Garage Services to Maintain Your Car

Maintaining your vehicle is incredibly important. If you have a car, it’s recommended that you take it to a local garage from time to time and get maintenance work done on the vehicle. There are a number of companies that offer garage services, and it’s recommended that you do a bit of research before you take your car to any garage. You will want to make sure that you take your vehicle to a reputable garage that offers complete repair services. Here are some common garage services that you will require.

Oil Changes

Changing the engine oil is perhaps the most important thing for adequate maintenance. If you do not regularly change the engine oil in your car, it won’t take long before the engine starts malfunctioning, and may eventually cease. You can take your car to any local workshop that offers garage services in Tipton to get the engine oil replaced. Common signs to look out for are as follows:

  • Problems with acceleration
  • The car jerks when you throttle too much
  • Weird noises coming from the engine

Electrical Problems

If there are any electrical issues within your vehicle, you need to get those fixed as well. For instance, if a headlight isn’t working properly or is fluctuating, you should consider taking your car to a mechanic right away. A considerable amount of electronics are used in modern vehicles, so it’s recommended that you visit a professional mechanic and get it fixed. If your car is causing any other issue, you might want to get it tuned as well.


Finding a Mercedes Benz in Adelaide

When it comes to cars, there is no doubting that Mercedes Benz is one of the highest quality ones out there. Not only do they make cars, but they also make trucks, vans, and just about everything in between. In fact, the Mercedes Benz brand is actually responsible for making many other cars, trucks and vans other than just themselves. In fact, they are actually responsible for designing and producing all types of Nissans, Hyundai and obviously Mercedes and Mercedes Benz vans.

As if that weren’t enough, most dealers are also going to provide you with everything you need in the sense of spare parts, performance parts, and of course, service. It is great to have a nice, quality car that has been made by Mercedes Benz, but if you are not keeping it maintained professionally by the dealer ship, your nice car is not going to last as long as you may think.

A more detailed look can be found at

Why Mercedes Benz Adelaide?

With all of that being said, if you are looking for a Mercedes Benz in Adelaide, you have to do nothing more than simply visit the dealer. They will not only be able to show you the Mercedes Benz that you are looking for, but they will also be able to service and maintain that car for as long as you need to it be running. In fact, they guarantee that if they do not have what you need in stock, they will be able to get it lightening quick so that you can be back on the road roaming around as soon as possible. There are never going to be any delays, and everything is going to be processed as quickly as possible.

Essentially all of this means that Mercedes Benz of Adelaide is going to do any and everything that they are able to so that you get your car repaired as quickly as is humanly possible. They do this so that you can go through the car repair or buying process as stress free as possible. They understand that there is nothing more stressful than when you either need a new car or you already have a car that requires repairs. That is exactly why they pride themselves on making this process as easy as possible.

What Can Mercedes Benz Adelaide Do for Me?

So, if you are searching for a Mercedes Benz in Adelaide or you already have one and need some type of repairs, be sure that you check out your local Adelaide Mercedes Benz dealer. They will not only be able to find the perfect Mercedes Benz to fit your individual needs, they will also be able to repair your Mercedes Benz back to the way you had it when you originally had it, no matter what.

At the end of your day you are either going to need a new car or already have a car that requires some type of repairs. While unfortunate, it does happen and when it does, you are going to want to visit Mercedes Benz of Adelaide.