You may not realize it, but catalytic converters contain a host of precious metals. So, instead of tossing them out, recycle them!

During the Great Recession people stealing catalytic converters from cars. While this may seem like a pretty strange crime, there was a real reason thieves targeted this small device inside a car’s exhaust system. Catalytic converters contain a range of precious metals and can fetch hundreds of dollars on the black market. The fact that they contain valuable metals means catalytic converters are great candidates for recycling. But do not rush to pull yours out when you go to sell or scrap your car. The easiest way to recycle one is to leave it in the car and left the experts recycle it. It is not easy to remove the precious metals from a catalytic converter, just as it is not easy to pull the tiny bits of gold from a circuit board. If you happen to have a catalytic converter at home because you work on cars, we have some tips on how to recycle them. Several companies allow you to mail in your catalytic converter in exchange for cash.


A catalytic converter uses a set of catalysts to convert some of the dangerous gases produced by your car into benign substances. Platinum and palladium, both rare precious metals, are brushed onto a honeycomb-shaped matrix inside the catalytic converter. When exhaust flows by it, the metals convert things like carbon monoxide and smog-producing hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water. Catalytic converts contain several other metals, including copper, nickel, cerium, iron and manganese. Small amounts of rhodium are also found within a catalytic converter. Rhodium, like platinum and palladium, is very rare and valuable. These three metals can be used for jewelry, electronics and industrial purposes. Your car’s catalytic converter should last as long as your car. However, if you notice your car is backfiring, using more fuel than usual, or that the “check engine” is coming on, it is possible the catalytic converter has failed. A mechanic can replace it, but with all those precious metals on its interior, it will not be cheap. Catalytic converters were originally invented for factories rather than cars. According to Catalytic Converters, a French engineer named Eugene Houdry invented the first catalytic converter in the 1950s. His goal was to decrease the amount of pollution being belched out by smokestacks. Catalytic converters did not originally work very well in cars because the lead in gasoline would coat the catalysts and render them useless. When lead in gas was outlawed, and people became more concerned about automobile pollution causing smog and acid rain, catalytic converters became more common on cars.


In most cases, the easiest way to recycle a catalytic converter is to take your entire car to an automotive recycler. Scrap metal dealers or car scrap yards are the most likely candidates to take your old car off your hands. Any large or medium-sized community should have at least one scrap metal dealer and car scrap yard. If you want to make certain your car gets recycled in the most eco-friendly manner possible, look for a car recycling service like Green Vehicle Disposal. It has a network of auto recycling companies in the United States and Canada. All their partners pick up used cars and break them down for disposal. It can even pay you for your used car in most cases. Visit the company’s website for more details about its program.


If you happen to have a catalytic converter you want to recycle at home, there are places that can take them. Auto Core pays people for their catalytic converters. It accepts them through the mail, so you can recycle your catalytic converter no matter where you live. Check out its website for a price list and information about what types of catalytic converters it accepts. You may be tempted to try and pull out the precious metals yourself, but this is not advisable. The process of extracting these metals is complicated and dangerous. Even if you were able to remove the platinum, palladium, rhodium and other metals, the amount you would have on hand would be so small it would hardly be wo


How Is the Health of Your Car’s Windscreen

The windscreen is an integral part of the normal functioning of any car. It allows the driver to see the road and their surroundings clearly, but prevents wind, rain, hail, dust, or insects from entering the cabin. In short, the windscreen is essential! But what happens when a windscreen is broken, chipped, or otherwise damaged?

How a Windscreen Can Be Damaged

A vehicle’s windscreen can be damaged in a number of ways, including but not limited to the following:

  • Rocks and debris: Whether thrown deliberately or tossed up from a road that is strewn with them, pebbles and rocks can crack windscreen glass and chip it. Though windscreen glass these days tends to fracture and break differently, in the worst cases this debris can even punch a hole right through the glass, with obvious risks to the occupants!
  • Criminals: Sadly a very common occurrence, the average windscreen can do nothing against the bludgeoning force of a criminal or other perpetrator armed with a bat, club, crowbar, or other similar glass smashing weapon.

The good news is that affordable windscreen services in Leeds can fix any of these problems quickly.

When a Chip Becomes a Big Danger

Lots of windscreens sustain damage on the road from small rocks and pebbles being thrown up in the air. These often cause small chips and dents in the glass. While this might seem okay to begin with, the glass in the area of the damage can become weak very quickly, and the cracks can spread to other areas of the pane of glass. This has obvious dangers for the driver and occupants and must be repaired by a professional.


The Signs That You Need New Tyres

Your tyres are often called the most important safety element on your vehicle. Interestingly, they are the only part of your vehicle that actually touches the road. They are the ways in which you and your vehicle interact with the road. This means that you need to take considerable care of your tyres. If something is wrong with them, it needs to be addressed quickly. However, you might not recognise all of the signs of a problem with your tyres.

Signs of a Problem

Some problems with Leeds tyres are easy to spot. If the tyre is constantly running out of air pressure, you need to have it patched or replaced.

  • The treads on your tyres channel water away from the bottom of the tyre. So, you need to make sure that there are deep channels between the treads of your tyres; if they are bald, you need to have them replaced.
  • If you see any bulges on the sides of your tyres, the rubber on the tyre walls is beginning to thin and will likely blow out soon.

Repair or Replace?

Only a professional will be able to tell you if you need to repair or replace your tyres. Repairing tyres usually means a patch or a plug to fill a puncture. If you need to replace them, this means that the puncture is either in the sidewall or the thread has gotten to a point that it cannot be repaired. It’s possible to repair bald tyres but it is probably easier just to replace them.


Most Liked Car Covers

Having a car of the latest model is what every car lover is wishing. Maybe you are ready to invest a huge amount on your new car but what about protection. This car can easily be victimized by weather or it can get any harm. Therefore you must make proper protection of your car. A Car Cover can protect your car and will not let you get tensed because of it. There are many different types of car covers according to your need and styles which you are looking for.

Some of the car covers which are liked by people are given below:

Cartman Cover

This is a car cover which you can easily buy. It has properties of repelling the water. It will keep your car safe and it is not costly. Moreover, this cover is available in different sizes and for different cars so you can own for your specific car. It is really advisory to get this car cover.

Oxford Signature Cover

This cover is made of poly and fleeces both. Therefore the performance of this cover will be really awesome. It will let the air come and will provide the protection too. Your car can be easily safe and it will not be damaged. It has such properties which will keep care of your car and it is not much costly. So if you want to have righteous cover then it would be best for your SUV.

Car Canopy

If you live in an area where you find the sun is very hot then you must buy a car canopy. This will be the righteous thing for your car and it will be protected. You don’t have to be worried at all even if the temperature will be higher. In the same way, it will also be helpful for those who face snowfall. Your car can be protected against snow fall too. So investing on canopy will also protect your car.

Metal Frame

If you want more protection than any car canopy then there is another smart choice for you. You can buy shelter logic car cover which will allow your car to be safe from any situation almost. You don’t need to be fearful about high temperature. You don’t need to think about the snow fall. You don’t have to deal with dust. Your car will be protected from all those things because this metal made cover will provide every type of protection. It will work as the smartest garage for your car.

There are many types of car covers which can be used. In the market, you can find the different type of car covers. It all depends upon your choice and type of car which you have. You can also find covers according to your location and type of area. The type of your car also matters a lot. Even in different sizes, in different prices, and in different styles you can get car covers. But all of them follow the same purpose which is providing your assistance and making your car secure.


Have a Comprehensive Guide on Car Cover You Can Buy

We all know that car is the important investment that requires proper cleaning and protection, mainly if you are having a high-end classic model. Not all the car owners are having the garage. Even, who are having the garage, they want to safeguard their car from the dust or harmful materials. This is the reason why most of the people are now looking for the ways to buy the car covers. These accessories are very important for your costly asset. As like the cover is helpful for covering the furniture from stains and spills, the car cover is also important to protect the car from stains, dust, and spills. The cover is also necessary to protect the vehicle from harsh weather conditions.

Car cover prevents minor damage and also protects the car to get scratched. This also helps the car owners to save thousands of dollars. When you are buying the car cover from the online store, you can get it at the affordable price. There are various car sites that also offer discounts on the items. The price on the websites is less than in the physical market. There are various benefits of buying the car cover from the websites.

Type of car covers-

There are various car covers available in the market, made up of different materials like waterproof, cotton and water resistant. When you are using the car most of the time outdoors, you can prefer using the one that is made up of waterproof or water resistant material. When you are using the car indoors, you can use the cover that is made up of cotton.


It is one of the popular types of car covers available in the market. This car cover is mainly popular when you are using the car in the area where there is heavy rainfall. You have to do a proper research on the car covers before you are buying the best item for you. This type of car cover keeps the moisture away from the car. If your car is left outside overnight, you can protect it with this cover.


The sun rays can damage the car paint. If you are using the car on the regular basis, it is very important that you use the car cover that is having the UV protection.


Almost all the indoor car covers are made with cotton or the polyester. These covers are best when the car is kept in the garage. The main aim of this cover is to protect the vehicle from dust particles.

These are three popular car covers that you can purchase for your favorite vehicle.


8 Reasons why you should choose a titanium exhaust

What is a titanium exhaust?

A titanium exhaust is used for both cars and motorcycles. It’s considered to be an upgrade from the typical stainless steel vehicle exhaust.

What makes titanium exhaust tubing so different?

An exhaust may seem meaningless; however, titanium exhaust tubing can not only make a vehicle look good, but sound good too.

Here are eight reasons you should consider a titanium exhaust system:

High quality.

A titanium exhaust system offers the highest quality in terms of performance. Ti-Tek manufacture titanium exhausts to accommodate for only the most prestigious needs and demands. If you’re looking for an exhaust that’s affordable and makes no compromise to quality, you should choose a titanium exhaust system!


The titanium exhaust performs exceedingly well under pressure. With a titanium exhaust system, you needn’t worry about being seen- in fact, you’ll be heard before your seen! Ti-Tek’s titanium tubing exhaust has one of the most recognisable engine sounds!


Likewise, titanium exhaust tubing doesn’t only improve the sound of the engine, it makes it look better too!

If you want your vehicle or motorbike to look the part and raise the bar high, you can do so with Ti-Tek! Ti-Tek uses only the best quality products, hence why the finishing products are so endearing and eye-catching.


The handling of a titanium exhaust system is easy, due to the exhaust being almost 40% lighter than stainless steel, it requires takes less time to install.

Alternatively, the titanium exhaust system has an impact on the performance of the vehicle. The products provided by Ti-Tek tend to suit the ever-changing demands of customers, making it more enjoyable.


Titanium exhaust tubing not only improves the sound transmission of your vehicle, it makes the driving experience a whole lot better! Titanium makes it much easier to accelerate and much more reliable than any other exhaust system.


Choosing a titanium exhaust can do your wallet a big favour… the savings are immense. You can save money from choosing a titanium exhaust because it’ll last longer and sustain its quality of well-maintained.

Strength: Density.

Titanium is a metal that can be easily alloyed, this is because it has a low density to high strength ratio. The strength of the titanium ultimately improves the power that the vehicle has, making it lighter but quicker across the surface!

Because titanium is so lightweight, it’s often overlooked by more dense metals because they have the ability to do more, however, this isn’t the case for titanium.

Meeting needs.

When it comes to meeting and exceeding individual requirements, Ti-Tek is the experts. They have a solution for everyone; so, whether you’re looking for titanium exhaust tubing for your industrial or domestic needs, Ti-Tek can help!

If you want your vehicle or motor vehicle to be significantly more responsive, you have to choose a titanium exhaust today!

Click here to make an enquiry at Ti-Tek!


Renault Radio Code Generator

Removing the Renault radio code lock of a Renault radio device is also known as unlocking that device. The Renault radio code lock be removed using different methods but the experience of the users has shown that all unlocking methods are not to be trusted.

Thus, you can unlock your Renault radio by visiting the carrier and asking to buy out the unlock code for it, by visiting the local Renault radio repair shop or by downloading one of the software application tools for unlocking Renault radio code lock devices.

Renault Radio Code

All methods work just fine and all of them have their pros and cones. The first method asking the carrier, will cost you probably not that much especially is your contract is nearly over, but you will have to wait for weeks before the Renault radio code lock off your Renault radio is officially removed.

The second option, the local Renault radio repair shops will definitely cost you much more than the first option, but on that account you will have your Renault radio unlocked more promptly. The third method, the software application tool method is by far the fastest and the cheapest. Some of the software application tools are offered for free, whereas for others you are required to make a small, only symbolical payment.

Renault Radio Code Calculator

There are plenty of software application tools for unlocking Renault radio devices however only a few can be truly recommended. It is best that you know all about the software application tool before you download it on your PC, and so far the best tool of that kind, that is always free of viruses is the Renault radio code unlock Software Application Tool.

This tool is also the best rated of all the Renault radio SIM unlocking tools and the tool that according to the voters was the easiest to use. Sometimes people will not have considered this unlocking method believing that it is too difficult and complicated, but that is not the case today.

If you want to make sure that my words here are true, then just visit the official web page of the Renault radio code unlock Software Application Tool and have a look at the tutorial video where every step of the way is recorded and explained for you.

There you can also read about the experience of the many thousand users of the tool who were more than happy to have found it.
Besides the tutorial video you can also scan through the instructions given to you here, in this article. with the help of either the video or the written instructions here, you will undoubtedly manage to remove the Renault radio code lock off your Renault radio in no time.


Why The Internet Is The Best Place To Purchase An Auto Manual

An auto manual is the most essential accessory for any vehicle owner. It will provide information on the type of fluid which is required in the brakes, engine and even the steering. A good manual will show you in simple steps how to take apart any part of the engine, how to repair it and how to rebuild it. The steps should be laid out simply enough so that even an amateur mechanic can follow it and complete their own maintenance and repairs at home.

The obvious place to purchase your auto repair manual is from your local main dealer, after all, any manual produced by them should be the best possible for your vehicle as they built it. Unfortunately this is not normally the case. There are many businesses online which will offer you an auto repair manual and it is usually a far better idea to purchase your auto manual online:


Manufacturers can be prone to keeping a little information back and they also frequently use specialized tools. Their manual will not provide you with any alternatives to these tools and, in effect, will encourage you to bring the car to a dealer for repairs. Many auto manuals compiled by other companies are both more detailed and will provide helpful hints and tips on how to resolve a problem. They will even make suggestions as to how to avoid using a specific tool.


There are many online suppliers, such as who will allow you to download your auto manual for free. These manuals can be exactly the same as the manufacturer’s manual as they are actually sourced from the manufacturer. This means it makes most sense to download your manual first and then, if you need information that is not covered completely to use the internet to find the additional information.


Purchasing online or downloading for free will allow you to create an account and join a forum, this will provide you with the opportunity to ask questions when you are stuck. They will be familiar with your vehicle, engine mechanics and even the manual you have downloaded. Even the supplier you have acquired your manual from will offer support at no extra charge and this is not something that the average manufacturer will do.

Instant Access

Although it is better to obtain your auto manual before you need it, in reality most people will look for it when it is essential. This means you need immediate access to it and you may not be able to travel to the shops to purchase a book. The internet is the perfect answer as you can download the manual instantly and most software applications will allow you to enlarge any image to ensure you are looking at the right part of the engine. This also means you can print individual pictures as large as you need and study specific sections of any schematic diagram; this will ensure you take the right remedial action.

Instant access online is also a far superior course of action to trawling around shops and manufacturers looking for an auto manual for your vehicle; this is particularly true if it is older or less well known.


Modern car engines vs. older car engines

The automobile is fast growing industry which has the long and exciting history. This made the mobility is easier and comfortable. As the trends and technologies increases the more safety and convenient mobility also increases. At the same time the new technology not only keeps eye on the safety and customer satisfaction but also on the environmental impacts. The cars are made up of the panels to store the energies which provide a good environment when compared to the older cars. The batteries at present in the car are more beneficial than the older ones. Here is little discussion to prove the benefits of the newer car engine models.

Modern engines have partners

The modern engines have a lot of technology ideas implemented that will helps you in reducing the consumption of the fuel less and making more powers when compared to the older car batteries the newer models of the car engines only have the partners and the older model does not have it. Present generation cars are not only good at the sophisticated technology but also have the high tech partner connection components. The older engines will have only four to five speed transmission systems at the cutting edge but the newer engines can patterned with seven or eight transmission speeds. The increase in speed transmission will mesh with the engine power and it makes the whole drive train run more efficiently. If the modern engines aren’t enough with the eight engine transmission then it is patterned with continuously variable transmission (CVTs). It will have the infinite number of the gear ratios that will help to transmit the engine power efficiently to the wheels.

Modern engines works smarter than the older engine

The big difference the modern and the older pattern engines are that the modern engines doesn’t work harder. In the older model engines will have the v- 8 engines all the engines will work continuously and hardly either the car is ideal or accelerating. Also all the eight engines will get the fuel supply equally whether it works or not. so that the fuel consumption will be more in the older engines when compared to the newer engines. But today’s engines works smarter like it will stop the fuel supply and working when it is no needed. This system is known as the cylinder deactivation system it will work when the car is ideal or cruising. If suddenly the system is needed then itself will wake up the cylinder and help out to perform the action. Also the other technologies like the variable valve timings and lift helps the newer engines to work smarter. This technology will help the engine to use only less fuel and smarter on working.

Modern engines are smaller

You may think it provides the more energy transmission than the older ones so it would be larger. Answer is no it is small size than the older ones that occupy only the less space. Reduction in sizes increases the efficiency. So the modern engines are more powerful and smarter than the older engines.


Description of dodge car covers and customer satisfaction

The customer goal is to get the best quality car cover at the lowest price. It is especially designed to protect car from the rain, dust and UV sun rays. Now-a-days the car cover has the latest technology and can get in wholesale price. Place the perfect cover for car. The dealers are the user-friendly and make their site simple. The vehicle is important for all and it is the major investment. The customer finds the perfect dodge car covers in the market that suits for the car and is the challenge. The staffs are fully energetic and respect the customer who is speaking.

Secure shopping and warranty policy for car covers

Now-a-days the online shopping becomes very famous among all over the world. While booking the car cover in online be safe and secure. Using the credit card, debit card and net banking the product can buy. Free shipping is provided for car covers to USA and Canada. Maximum it offers the warranty card for life time. The best customer support is available.

Make sure to keep your order number at the time of purchase. This number is helps at the time of warrant claim. In case the number missed, it cannot be claim. Actually, the claiming of warranty is very easy process and just give the detailed description about the problem of car cover with the order number mentioned in the corner and send message for the given email address. Then wait for one business day for positive response.

The instructions for exchange car covers product

There is option to return the product from the customer and it has some of the instruction to return the covers. Maximum the dealers will provide the best product. But the customer mind can change as well. So the industry can exchange the product without fail. But it should be return within in 30 days without any damage of products. In the holiday period from November 15th to December 31th, the return period may extend from 50 to 60 days. But some of the rules are applied. They are the product should be in original packing, notice the return period, the shipping price cannot be refund. Sometimes the product may get damaged by the shipping. At the time do not get upset just contact by chats and telephone. Immediately the product will be replacement cover at free cost. After the acceptation of return, they will refund the amount within 3 days without fail for customer satisfaction.