Should You Repair the Engine of Your Car in Melbourne or Sell It


There comes a time in the life of a car where the engine will fail. Some owners know that it may be the first sign of future repairs. Some may have a great mechanic that will fix the engine right up and know that it will continue to perform. Perhaps, the cost of the repair is so high that your car is hardly worth the cost. Regardless of its condition, Cash For Your Cars provides you the option to sell your damaged engine car for cash. We are a top-rated car removal company in Melbourne that pays cash for cars of any make and condition.

When determining if you should sell your car or repair it, there are a few things to consider:

  • The value of the car – If you invest the cost of repairs into the car is it worth the value? If the car is worth less than the cost it will take to repair it, then fixing it might not be the best option.
  • The cost of the repairs – The cost of repairs may influence your decision to sell the car or repair it. If the car repairs will be a couple of hundred dollars, it likely is not worth selling the car. However, if you need an entirely new engine, you may opt to sell the car. You may also not have the money to invest in the repairs for your car. Selling your car to a removal company will provide you with cash to upgrade to a newer car.
  • Past issues – Is the car one that tends to have one issue after another? You could have a lemon. If you find yourself making one repair after another, it may be a wise choice to get rid of the car.

Get Your Car Sold    

You can easily get your car sold to Cash For Your Cars. We are a car removal company that provides instant cash quotes over the phone and online. If you would like to obtain a quote over the phone, then give us a call at the number below. If you would like to obtain an online quote, then visit our homepage to complete our online “Get a Quote” form. Either way, we will make you a cash quote for your car for sale of any make and condition.

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