The Benefits of an Electric Bicycle


The electric bicycle, otherwise known as the e-bike has been growing in popularity as a mode of transport in recent years. Ideal for busy commuters in cities and larger populated areas, an electric bicycle is a green, energy efficient and cost-saving solution to your commuting woes.

Much like a regular bicycle, an e-bike has an added battery and an electronic motor which aids a cyclist in overcoming longer distances and hilly terrain. Keeping with the tradition of pedalling as you use the bike an e-bike allows its cyclist to travel at similar speeds to a car.  With some bikes offering the option of different gears much like a mountain bike an electric bicycle will allow you to adjust how much help you get from the battery in accordance with your ability, preferences and physical needs whilst cycling.

Although not the fastest mode of transport on the high street an e-bike is one of the better options for one’s health.  With its handy engine making it a for more pleasant form of cycling for those with a longer commute. The need to pedal an e-bike is also a great opportunity to shed some unwanted pounds.  Getting out in the fresh air and getting some exercise is a great way to start one’s day and with limited time on our hands in our busy hectic work lives, what better time to add work out then during ones commute?   Cycling is a proven and pleasurable way of maintaining a healthier lifestyle and in good weather can have a great impact on one’s mood whilst enjoying a pleasant ride in the sunshine.

Not only are electric bicycles good for our health but they benefit the planet as well.  Without the need for petrol or diesel to propel the bicycle, there are fewer fumes polluting the atmosphere which can cause health hazards in largely populated areas.

Cycling is not only better for one’s health but  better for our wallets as charging an e-bike battery can cost pennies in comparison to filling up a car. As well as making a cyclist fitter and putting them in an elevated mood from the rushed that pedalling produces it could also save some commuters time on the route to the office.  With many bikers hitting the road everyday busier more congested cities and urban populations will find less traffic on the roadways making for better time on their way into work.  Of course, unlike a car a bicycle is not restricted in the main roadways and can use back alleys cycle lanes and even go cross-country does potentially cutting down on the time required to commute.  With innovations in technology now also producing fold-able e-bikes those commuters in rural areas that take the train now have a method of transport at the other end of the platform as e-bikes can be easily transported and unfolded for convenience.

E-bikes are a great way to make the most of your time money and health, so why not consider purchasing one today.

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