When Comfort is Key, Try These Semi Truck Cab Accessories


Driving a semi-truck means spending a lot of time on the road, even if you aren’t driving long-haul routes. Most of the time, this is in the same vehicle day after day. Getting the right accessories can make your driving experience a little better. Some items, such as LED marker lights for trucks, help keep you safe. Others help make you comfortable. Below is some information on the best comfort accessories.

Sitting Comfortably

Semi-truck seats are, for the most part, comfortable. Modern ones are significantly better than what is offered in most passenger cars. Nonetheless, truck seats also see a lot of use. So, they can get worn down. Some covers can help keep them protected and more comfortable for longer. Make sure to grab the right cover for your seats. For example, Freightliner seat covers fit differently than Peterbilt ones.

Consider also replacing or upgrading your armrests. Having a comfortable place to rest on can make a long drive a lot more pleasant. There are both universal and truck-specific options available.

Another good purchase is a truck window screen or two. These let you open your windows without letting in dust, debris and insects. This is a great way to keep cool and comfortable as you drive around the country.

The Best Electronics

Some of the best accessories are useful electronics you can add to your cab. For example, you can buy a mini-fridge to keep your food and drinks cool and fresh. These range in price and size from small, universal ones for around $100 to large, truck-specific models for around $1,500. There is nothing like grabbing a cool beverage from your fridge on a hot day.

Get a phone or tablet mount for your cab so you can access to route information and music more easily. A hand-free setup can make your time on the road a little safer and more enjoyable.

Blocking Out the Sun

While you’re in your driver’s seat, you want to stay cool and keep the sun out of your eyes. A visor over your windshield can help with this. It will reflect some of the harsher sunlight and keep your cab at a more pleasant temperature, especially during the height of the day.

Also, pick up a sunshade for your windows. When you want to get a little rest, you don’t want the sun streaming in through the windows. Sunshades can help you make your cab nice a dark for a nap during downtime. It can also help keep your cab cooler on a sunny day if you stop to grab a bite to eat. It is a simple accessory that is just a good idea to have on hand.

Find the Best Accessories

These accessories will help you stay more comfortable in your semi-truck. Others can give you a unique look or keep you safer like LED marker lights for trucks. There are so many options to choose from to customize and personalize your truck. Take a look at some of the options and pick up your next accessory to make that next route a little more enjoyable.

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