Things no one tells you about long-distance motorcycle riding


Most riders have had an adventure of riding for long distances at some point in their lives. However, such journeys have challenges that newbie riders are not aware of. For long-distance rides knowing what to expect along the journey can either make it a memorable experience or a tiresome haul.

For a fantastic experience, there are some things that I need to prepare in advance. Some of them are:

Dress for the long-distance

I would encourage you to put on the full motorcycle safety gear to feel safer and protected, especially on the highways, and more confident. It would help if you had a full-face helmet as the full-face lids will keep you warm since the helmet is built like a thermos. A helmet prevents you from listening to the unnecessary noise that may drain your energy.

Select the best motorcycle style

Some bikes are best suited for long distances traveling while others are not. The riding position, windscreen coverage, and cargo potions are some of the things you should consider as you plan to have an incredible experience on the road. Touring motorcycles are specifically designed for long distances taking into the long hours of sitting and riding. They have a more upright riding posture that makes you comfortable as you ride. The windscreen and front fairing are big enough for the efficient circulation of air around you.

Specialized gear

When riding for long distances, I ensure that I have some specialized gears and the all-weather protective gear. The heated grips come in handy when riding either very early or late evening as they help keep my hands warm. The padded grips offer more cushion to my hands and wrists, preventing wrist pain and tightness when holding my bike for long hours. Gel seats are essential for a long ride since they offer the extra seat support that you need while riding. If you do not have any of these gears, you can check them out on OEM motorcycle parts dealers to make your journey enjoyable.

Motorcycle maintenance

I always ensure that my motorcycle is thoroughly checked before leaving for any journey. By so doing, you deal with any spare part needs before the trip. Worn tires, stuck cable, and old brake pads are some of the things that can raise the alarm during the ride. You going for an adventure fun, not trouble should be the heart of it.

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