Which one will you Buy – a Petrol or Electric Golf Car?


Though electric golf cars provide smoother acceleration and lesser levels of noise, they also face stiff competition from their petrol-driven counterparts. If you have been looking for smarter and more convenient alternatives of moving around the fairways leading up to the greens on your next golf outing, then a golf car is what you need. In case you are not an avid golfer yet you desire to invest in a golf car to ferry yourself from one place to another, then this blog has several valuable inputs to guide your purchase.

Benefits of buying a petrol golf car

The petrol engine golf car offers several benefits when compared to other battery powered golf cars. Here are some underlying reasons why the petrol variant is the right way to go for your purpose.

  1. To begin with, petrol driven golf carts are known to hold on to their values in much better ways. In other words, they present higher resale values as they are devoid of fast depreciating and relatively expensive batteries.
  2. In case you are the manager or owner of a large sized golf cart fleet run on electrical charge, you will need to construct costly indoor parking areas complete with charging points and reticulation for upkeeping your electric golf cars. This is not the case with petrol cars and so you end up making good savings on such things.
  3. The petrol fueled golf carts are certainly less expensive to keep and own alike. They have low long-term operational costs. For instance, if you need to replace the battery of the cart, you need not dig too deep into your pocket; an electric golf car would extract higher costs for one such replacement.
  4. There are several golf cart engines for golf cars that are very light on fuel and comply with all laid down regulations for fuel injection purposes. These engines are fitfully designed to give off low life cycle costs. They have long service intervals and need inexpensive service parts.
  5. As per golf car fleet owners on different golf courses, the petrol versions of branded golf cars manufactured by reputed companies are less expensive to operate over a generic period of time extending over a 3 to 4 years cycle.
  6. The servicing of petrol golf carts becomes necessary after every 250 hours of proper run time. This converts to over 300 rounds. In comparison to four wheelers and privately-owned cars that need complete servicing every 2 years or so, the petrol golfing carts are quite easy to maintain on short and long term basis alike.

Are you ready to invest in one?

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